Tuesday, October 1, 2013

More Ghouls for the Horde

Vampire Counts October is here again. I still haven't picked up the current Vampire Counts army book but I am still adding models to the army. Like I said in an earlier post I have picked up more ghouls to add to my Army to give me options in designing a more competitive army list.

Here are the original twenty six ghouls for my Vampire Counts, with a few wraiths and Banshees mixed in. I usually fielded them in two units of thirteen a couple editions back but twenty six isn't enough to make a horde.

A buddy who will remain unnamed decided that warhammer wasn't for him and I picked up thirty eight of the newer crypt ghouls. That allowed my dreams of a horde of ghouls to reach fruition. I couldn't help but think that if one horde was good two hordes are better. So I have been on the look out for more of the oop metal ghouls to bolster my oop horde.

Thanks to patience and Evil Bay I finally picked up another group of eight oop ghouls rather inexpensively. The best part was that they were not alone.

The auction also included ten of the newer crypt ghouls. That brings me to a total of eighty two ghouls, forty eight of the newer style and thirty four of the oop metal ones. The new metal ghouls are going into the simple green and I will probably add magnets to the new crypt ghouls so they will stay on the magnetized movement tray.

I should pick up the 8th edition Vampire Counts army book but with the rumors of 9th edition Fanatsy Battle coming out in 2015 and invalidating all the army books, I don't want to spend $50US for a book that will only be good for a year and a half . If I actually start playing the army regularly I might reconsider but until then I will still add to the army and play games with them using Warhammer Fantasy Third edition.


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