Sunday, December 30, 2007

Reupped for 2 more Years

I took advantage of the 50% off White Dwarf deal yesterday and spent $60 US for a two year subsscription and 2 exclusive models. I picked the witchunter Inquisitor with a plasma pistol and a Chaos sorcerer on foot. I had wanted one of the Inquisitors when they first came out but never got one and later didn't want to pay Ebay prices to get one.

Over the Holidays I primed up 20 more 15mm soviet riflemen and 6 M3a3 Stuarts for my Soviet fow army. I had planned to finish the soviets in 2007 but it looks like I will still be working on them for a while into 2008, especially if I don't stop buying more models to round out the army.
My current model count for the Soviets are,

12 M3 Grant/Lee tanks
3 ISU-152
6 Kv-1 (which I usually play as Kv-85)
6 Ba-10 armoured cars
6 M3a3 Stuarts
36 Rifle/Mg stands
6 Kommisar stands
1 Il16 diecast airplane ( I haven't used it in a game yet)

I need to finish 6 more Rifle/Mg stands and 4 command stands and I will be able to field A late war Strekovy Batalon with 2 full companies or 3 2 platoon companies. I will also be able to field a basic mid/ early war Strekovy Batalon with 2 companies.

The to be finished from models on hand line up is

A Gods of War artillery battery
A heavy machine gun company with extra Hmgs to make attachments to the Strekovy companies.
A Submachine gun Company, with enough extras to use as Scouts and Tankodesantniki
A bunch of At rifle stands
If I have enough riflemen left maybe a pioneer company
Kit bashing enough figures to make a bunch of flame thrower stands

Idle thoughts about future additions to the army

11 T34 tanks to have a full company and a Batalon command tank
A bunch of trucks (20 or so) to make the army mobile
3 Stormovik planes

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Print Page - Prospector Bob's Quest

Here is another Installment in the Prospector Bob Saga by my friend Chuckaroobob

Title: Re: Prospector Bob's Quest
Post by: Chuckaroobob on November 29, 2007, 10:25:01 PM

Roy Booker shivered just looking out the window of the canteena. The night was sharp and cold, the stars crystal clear in the sub-zero temperatures. "It's a night not fit for man nor beast," he thought as he turned his attention to the smoky interior of the room. Through the thick haze he could see quite a crowd of what could only be described as thugs and undesireables. There were some Turks in the corner, their cheap suits and fezes would make them look out of place anywhere a carpet market in Isnatanbul. And who could all these unshaven thugs dressed in untreated furs be? They looked like nothing more than the Mongol Horde making a comeback. Some of those guys were so huge they probably dragged their knuckles when they walked! Over near the fireplace were a few Monks in bright orange, waving prayer flags and spinning prayer wheels, effectively keeping all the other customers at arm's length. What were all of them doing out here in the hills of Kyrgyzstan? Roy had a pretty good idea. The same thing as he was doing. Roy thought back to the informant, a seedly little man called Karl Lenin. Obviously he hadn't just sold the information to the highest bidder, he had sold it to each and every bidder, every two-bit hood within 500 miles! The only poeple not here were a gypsy and a dancing bear! The whole town was filling up with toughs, and you didn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out things could get ugly in a hurry. As his eyes adjusted to the gloom he moved over towards the bar, sat in a stool on the end and ordered a beer. Roy had been watching the nearby railyards for a week, and was starting to get concerned that whatever emergency had called him out here from his posting in Grozny must have already passed without anyone in the Agency being aware. One of the bartenders opened a window so another could pass in kegs of beer from a storeroom out back, and as the haze cleared due to the sudden wind Roy became aware of four tall red-headed women seated down the bar, wearing sable hats and coats, drinking shots of vodka. Pale complexions like fine porcelain, sharply chiselled features, manicured nails, movements efficient and graceful. One was smoking what could only be a hand rolled Cuban cigar. The tallest among them was speaking, reavealing even white teeth, and a flash of gold in one corner. "Oh, yeah, they're local," Roy thought to himself. The nearest one, the others called her Natasha, was now speaking, what was it she had said? It sounded like "Muse an sqirril mus dye." Roy picked up his beer and held it to what little light there was, checking for crystals in the bottom of the glass. What did they put in this stuff anyway? He thought back to his doctor's advice regarding the posting to the Back of Beyond, as this region was known back in the world: "Drink nothing except good whiskey!" The four women turned to look at him, inquiring expressions on their faces. Holy Smokes, had he spoken out loud? He eyed the beer again, taking not of a small bug floating in the foam. It must be stronger than he realized. Roy put it down on the bar, tipped his hat to the ladies, and made his way out into the night.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Gaming Update

I have been busy trying to close on a new house and leading up to the holidays has cut into my gaming time.

I built and painted up my friend Tuna's new Baneblade and picked up some Lotr Rohan cav from him. He used them for chaos marauder cav and are based on GW cav bases. I started to change out their bases but stopped in case I want to use them as Chaos cav.

A group of the lads got together at the BOHM and had a meeting about starting up Napoleonics. We decided on scale, year and picked countries. I had read up on the polish forces and thought it would be a fun place to start so I ended up as a french player. Scale is going to be 15mm and the year 1813.

After the meeting we played a fast game of FOW with me and CharlesK playing Soviets allied with Keith P. and his British against JohnB and Jerry W fielding Germans including 5 tigers lead by Whitman and several Panthers. 4500 points on a side. No matter what they say, it was a Soviet win. I rushed my Grants across the table and managed to contest a German objective. That left the soviets holding 2 objectives, the Germans with one and one contested, A soviet Win. There was some talk about only finishing 2 turns and that the 3 Panthers would have killed the Grants contesting the objective the next turn but I stick to they might have missed.

This motivated me to get back to work on my soviet infantry that have been lounging around base coated in a box. I assembled 6 M3 Stuarts and 26 more Rifle/Mg stands but found out I still need more riflemen. I had miscalculated the number of rifleman needed so I have to paint another twenty riflemen to finish out my Strekovy Batalon. I cleaned up 20 heavy machine guns and crew and started sorting out the gods of war artillery. I am not there but I am getting a lot closer to the finish. With the Stuarts together I can now field the mixed tank batalon.

On the pulp side I picked up 5 Lemax ambulances and a Lemax bus to use in pulp games. I painted the bus and cleaned the decals off of the ambulances and primed them. I haven't decided on a color yet. I painted the bus a generic gray and will probably paint the ambulances either gray or green.

I went last night up to Greensboro for opening day of The Castle. Winddancer from the old cosmic castle has opened the store. He is still waiting on order to arrive but the doors are open and it is a game store less that a half hour from the house. He is looking for some terain and Tables for gaming. I am thinking about building some hills and trading them for store credit.