Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Little World Fifth Anniversary

Well 26 September has come and gone again for the fifth time. According to the blog stats, it has had 3200 page views this month.  This is the most page views the blog has received ,in a single month, since I started keeping track back in 2008. So far I have had a little over 44000 page views and if I keep the posts going I think I can break 50k by the beginning of next year.

Thanks for looking

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Black Powder Napoleonic gaming (Not For the Unlucky)

Once again some of the BOHM regulars took a road trip to Heroes headquarters in Mocksville NC  for some Napoleonic gaming using the Black Powder rule set. The forces for the battle were Russians with their Hungarian allies and French with their Austrian allies. Both sides are advancing toward a small village crossroads when the enemy is spotted.

Russians and Hungarians march onto the table.

French and Austrian troops move closer to the village.

The Croatian light infantry form a skirmish line in front of the Austrian brigades.

The Hungarian cavalry brigade forms up on the Russian right flank.

The Russian regiments form line and march toward the crossroad.

The Russian commander sets his army moving forward.

The Austrian heavy Cavalry brigade forms up on the French right flank.

The Croatian light infantry seizes the village while the rest of the Brigade moves forward.

The Austrian Brigade moves forward to counter the Hungarian Cavalry movement.

The Austrian Cavalry roll and get three movements. They charge into the Russian left flank. The  Russian line Infantry regiment forms square and takes the charge.

The French center moves forward.

The Austrians fire into the Hungarians, and the Hungarians save all three hits, and Chuckaroobob says he can't roll dice.

The Austrian Heavy Cavalry Brigade smashes the Russian Line infantry Square and it retires from the field.

The Austrian Cavalry over run into a second Russian line Infantry that rolls and forms square.

The Austrians rack up a massive amount of hits and save all the hits returned to them from the Russian Infantry.

A second Russian line Regiment retires from the field.

The Hungarian Dragoons were disordered by Austrian Infantry fire but the other Hungarian cavalry Regiment makes the turn and Charges into the Austrian line Infantry. The Austrians roll and form square to accept the cavalry charge.
Two Russian Line Infantry Regiments form square beside a Russian gun.

The Austrians take three hits from the Hungarians but stay on the field.

The Hungarians charge into the Austrian square.

And they are broken. the Hungarian Cavalry retire from the field.

Fire from the Russian line Infantry disorders an Austrian Cavalry Regiment forcing it to withdraw but they stay on the table.
The Austrian light Brigade moves up to block the Hungarians from surrounding the village.

The Austrian Cavalry charges into the Russian line Infantry Square.

The French assault columns charge into the Russian line.

The forces meet with cold steel and one Russian regiment withdraws from the table, while a second Russian Regiment makes a movement to the rear.

The Austrian Cavalry is disordered by Russian defensive fire and returns to its starting position.

The Hungarian Dragoons roll three orders and move to reinforce the Russian left flank.

The Hungarians form a battle line to hold off the Austrians.

Two Russian Line Infantry assault columns charge into the French.

One russian regiment is repulsed but the other regiment stands it ground.

The Austrian Line Infantry prepare to charge into the Hungarians but the commander fails his roll so they don't move.

Another french Assault column charges into the Russian center.

The Croatian Light infantry fire forces the Hungarians to test morale,

A roll of three force them to retire from the field.

The French and Russians fight but both units stand their ground.

A Russian Line Regiment charges into the French regiments flank.

The Austrian Jaegers are bottle necked on the far side of the village.

Fire from the Hungarians forces the Austrian square to withdraw.

The reorganized Austrian Heavy Cavalry brigade charges into another Russian line Infantry square.

The Austrians win the combat and the Russian regiment withdraws from the field.

The Artillery that supported the Russian line regiment has to take a morale test, and that is when we find that any time artillery has to test it fails. So the artillery withdraws from the table.

The massive melee in the center of the table swirls,

Another Russian regiment withdraws from the field.

With the Russian flank folding and the center failing we decide to call the game. The lads are still getting familiar with the rules and we found out that artillery testing morale is bad. Another thing is that a large unit isn't the same of a regular sized unit. One advantage the French had was almost all their units were large sized and that extra 33% combat power really made a difference. The biggest thing that helped the French side is Bryan V was unable to fail a save or a morale test and the first triple move by the Austrian Cavalry that had them in combat their first move of the game put the Russian behind early and they couldn't make it up.
I really like the Black Powder rules. The big swings of movement and the deadly combat make the game fast and furious and will get you to the pub on time.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First War for Armageddon End Battle

On 8Sept12 the Apoc-Eclipse gaming group organized a massive Apocalypse game at the Tech Shop in Raleigh NC. The game was a historical re-fight of the First war for Armageddon with Space Wolves and Grey Knights fighting the World Eaters. So far our game deviated greatly from the historical account, with Angron being banished before the Grey knights arrived to the battle, but I digress. Now the battle comes to its conclusion.

The Chaos Hell Blades and Hell Talons strafe the battle field.

The Imperial rush more troops into the meat grinder.

World Eaters and Loyalists fight over the ruined great icon.

Chaos space marine raptors caught int the traitor guard traffic jam.

Chaos space marine armor forces its way through.

After a imperial super heavy explodes taking casualties from both sides, a lone Khorne Lord of Armageddon  charges at the survivors of a downed Inquisition storm talon in the lava field, but is killed by their over watch fire. None of the Four Khorne lords ever made it into hand to hand combat but they crossed the field in style..

A horde of Bloodletters wade a river of blood. That is what I call an Apocalyptic moment.

After taking casualties from more Vulcan mega bolters the reduced Chosen squad follow Kharn as he charges into the Imperial terminators.

After dispatching the terminators Kharn makes a run for the Imperial Reaver Titan. When the imperials take the last turn Kharn and the chosen fall in a hail of Vulcan Mega Bolter fire.

The Lone World Eaters terminator continues to whittle away at the space marine biker squad.

The last Thunder hammer and Storm shield terminator fights off two spawn and a Berserker champion

A Blood thirster is swarmed by catachan gaurdsmen blob.

Last turn the Imperials make a final rush to contest objectives. Grey Knights and Space marine jump troops deep strike around the chaos temple. Several units mishapped but three managed to make it in.

Another unit of grey knights and Imperial terminators drop at the bridge across the Charon, river of blood. the Imperials proceed to shoot the World Eaters off of the bridge and The Reaver titan behind it is half an inch too far to contest the bridge.

The Imperial thunder hawk strafes the Chaos lines.

Guard and Grey Knights swarm the Blood thirster but he stands and contests the bridge at games end.

A lone berserker still survives in the temple contesting the Chaos Temple objective.

It was a hell of a game. The points total was in the range of 143,000 points +/-. I really want to thank Matt P. for getting the game together and for all the other players making a great day of gaming. I look forward to the next Apoc-eclipse game I can attend.