Sunday, June 21, 2009

Work In progress shots

I went to Inquisitor Downing's Battle Barn yesterday for a Campaign Mega Battle. I will post up a report later but here are some WIP shots of what I am working on at the moment.

Adeptus Mechanicus Officer with a power fist and plasma pistol. I built this one a few weeks ago to lead an anti-Nurgle command squad in my game against John Bays. He worked out well and I have been fielding his squad in the last couple games I have played. He will eventually end up with a red paint scheme and metallic gold highlights.
With the release of the New Imperial Guard codex I have decided to increase the number of infantry squads in my Adeptus Mechanicus army.These two are going to be the sergents of two new squads. These two originally had pistols but I cut them off and gave then meltaguns. Later I broke the meltaguns off to use on other models. I painted these up with my Delaque heavy weapon platoon and left them without firearms so when the new codex came out all I had to do was add the special weapons to them as part of the Heavy weapon platoon. Of course the heavy weapon platoon was no longer in the codex so now they are promoted to sergents.

Colonel Elvo's bodyguards. A couple of escher juves I had laying around. the one with the club was a miscast missing half its head. I resculpted the head and scalp lock and I think it will be hard to notice it once I get her painted.
Three medics. Nothing like feel no pain to help a squad out. I am debating about building a fourth medic for when I field a third platoon.
A regimental standard and 2 platoon standard bearers. Again I am debating on building another platoon standard for my projected third platoon.
Oldies but Goldies, some of my old rogue trader Commissars. I stripped the old paint jobs and then rebuilt them to use with the new codex. A couple had stormbolters and all of those had to go away.
A detail shot of the power fist/plasma pistol commissar. I used and old Eldar power fist and added a little green stuff to cover up the eldar armor on the arm.
Here is a side project I have been working on, a Las Carbine. It is a cut down lasgun with a 1mm rod barrel and a couple 5mm strips of 1mm x2.5mm styrene strips glued together to make the magazine. I have some other odds and ends lasgun conversions I have been working on. I am Planning on making them a Vet squad or a Kill team. The inspiration for the conversion was a picture of an Arbite entry team conversion in the white dwarf magazine.
Italian machine gun finished.
Here is a closer view.
Here is a comparison picture on my scratch build and the inspiration, a Bolt action Italian machine gun.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Assassins

Here are a few Assassins I rebased and touched up for my buddy Tuna. I rebased them to match the ice bases of his Imperial guard army.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Reinforcements

I finally caught up with Patrick and traded him a bundle of trucks for a pile of Catachans. I did a few repairs and then built a few more lasgunners so I would have an even one hundred and fifty. That is three full conscript squads. It will be a while before they all get painted. I think I will divide them up and base and paint them ten or twenty at a time till they are all base coated with three colors and a flocked base. I am still figuring lists and plan to get them on the table soon.
This is what one hundred and fifty lasguns looks like.
The rest of my assembled catachans. I did have a bunch more of these modeled as ork hunters but after the last codex release invalidated their list, I broke alot of them apart and used them to add to my Adeptus Mechanicus Guard army. Until I went to field a regular catachan army and had to build some to have a legal list again.
Some new and rebuilt AMIG troops. The four meltagunners were vets with bionics and stormbolters under the old codex. So I broke them apart and added new arms and meltaguns. In the left rear is Col Elvo with his new plasma pistol and the start of a new paint job. He also has a shotgun but I have to finish painting him before I glue it back on. The other figures are three medics and 3 standard bearers.
A Flames of War box O fun. The majority of a Soviet gods of war artillery battalion and a bunch of flamethrowers. I needed something to light up all those German tanks.
Here is my 28mm Semovette WWII. It is the back up to my Italian paratroopers. We mostly have been the disposable heroes rules from Iron Ivan for our 28mm WWII games. The vehicle rules allow pintle machine guns and they don't increase the points cost but the machine gun has to be modeled. I could have used an mg34 or mg 42 and called it a Breda 8mm but that isn't what I wanted. I decided to scratch build one to go on the tank.
I still need to add a front sight and the grips on the back. It is a little larger than the bolt action machine gun I have been using to judge the scale but I think it will work fine.

First Visit to the Cage

A late update, but a couple weeks ago I made my first visit to the Cage. The clubhouse for the Gameongw group arranged for by Bobby Ash. I went Saturday to meet Patrick and trade for a bunch of catachan but he was tied up with his recruiter and wasn't able to show. I did play a game of Ogre with Chuckaroobob and his buddy Oliver, but The Main Event was on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!
My second foray into the Imperial guard Codex had a better outcome. This was also another campaign battle and after much trash talking I decided to reveal unto John the darkness in the new guard codex. My army consisted of Col (Elvo) Straken and a loaded squad in a chimera, an infantry platoon with a loaded command squad in a chimera and 2 infantry squads, a vet squad with 3 plasma guns, 2 ratling squads, Mort(sly marbo)Brandysnap, 2 banewolves, a demolisher with plasma sponsons and an Executioner with plasma sponsons. Basically an army loaded up with plasma goodness to cleanse the Nurgle filth that John Bays brought.
The start line for my deployment. I may have lead John to believe I was bringing a horde list but when the trade didn't happen with Patrick Saturday I fell back to a more mechanised list.
John Gave me first turn and I used it well. I moved everything up and and my second Banewolf multimelta shot of the game destroyed his Predator parked in the woods before it got a shot off. Then the game really went south for John. His Chaos dread fire frenzied and the closest unit was his nurgle bikers so he turbo boosted his bikes near the Banewolves. I pointed out the chemical cannon ignored cover saves but John did the move anyway. My turn I chemcannoned the bikesquad and then we realized John misunderstood that turbo boosting gave a cover save and not an invulnerable save. After an ugly turn of shooting only the Chaos sorcerer on a bike was left with one wound. Then I remembered the multilaser in the platoon commanders chimera and it took the Sorcerer's last wound. John's second turn his plague marines burnt down the ratlings . Another plague marine squad shot up my vet squad. His dreadnought frenzied again and had to move toward the platoon commanders chimera. Unfortunately his vindicator shot scattered and landed on the chimera destroying it but because of the medic I didn't lose anyone from the command squad. This left his dreadnought outside of charge range but inside range of the meltaguns from the command squad. My turn The Executioner burnt down a plague marine squad and another sorcerer with them, the demolisher destroyed his vindicator, Elvo Strakens squad destroyed a plaguemarine squads rhino and the command squad destroyed his dreadnought. Johns turn he summoned in a daemon squad. The only icon he had left was in the plaguemarine squad in front of Elvo's squad. The daemons charged Elvo in cover. Elvo strakens squad threw a bunch of attacks and killed a couple daemons and then the squad saved all the wounds the daemons did in return. This disgusted John in a way that is had to describe. A guard unit beating daemons in close combat was too wrong to conceive. So objective hammer ensued and I held my objective and he would have to walk through all the fire my army could put out to get to it, while I had several units able to get to his objective and there was little he could do to stop it. He conceded the game and gave me the win. The new guard codex can be ugly if you have the models to field it.

Pregame shot of the Battlefield.
Infiltrating ratlings that were a little too close and died quickly the next turn.
The Cage from the inside looking out.

The flames of war Demo Game. It consisted om Chuckaroobob, a guy named Joe and me playing Soviet against John Bays, Shaun and another guy playing germans. It was a massive tank battle. T34/85's and IS-2 against a bunch of Panthers and Tigers. the usual. The high point of my game was when my M3 stuarts contested a german objective for a 1/2 a turn. It was a fun game and I believe it spread the interest for Flames of War.
The line o Tanks.

I had a couple good days of gaming at the Cage and hope that it will last for a while to come.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kryomek Talos / Chestnut Skunk

Hi Kids, I've finished painting 22 Kryomek Talos units. I've always thought they were cool looking robots, it's a shame it took 10 years to get around to them. If it weren't for the new Terminator movie, they'd still by waiting. I'm hoping to us them as heavy duty Terminators in a homegrown Terminator vs. Modern USMC game. I've also included a pic of Chestnut Skunk and his team of rogues. These guys are all armed to the teeth with the most modern weapons available to the pulp adventurer. And talk about skills? No more "Speak random language" or "master chief" waste of points here! We're talking "Crush Skull", "Chew Nails" and "Flying Leg Kick" in the best traditions of Capt Kirk!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mysterious Stranger

Off in the world of Pulp Adventure a new figure (if you'll excuse the pun) has appeared, a man known to the world only by his Indian name: Chestnut Skunk. He and his minions have just left the painting table in the Basement of Heaped Miniatures, ready for immediate action. No known photographs exist of this underworld figure. They were last seen departing into the depths of the Amazon rainforest, searching for the lost city of Milcbotl......