Monday, August 17, 2009

Catawba Gamers at PBKW

I went with Chuckaroobob and John Bays to Parker, Banner, Kent and Wayne in Cornelius for a Catawba Gamers gaming day. PBKW is a nice comic/gaming store that I have heard about but this was the first time I had ever been there. The main event was a the Sword and the Flame game GMed by Chuckaroo. It was a French vs. the Arabs game with nine players, 4 European and 5 native. After a exciting game it was called as a European win. A couple of the major points were a French Foreign Legion square sending off at least 3 units of Arabs and damaging a couple others and a unit of Dutch colonial troops firing up a native unit and destroying a European lancer unit at the same time. I think one of the contributing factors to a European win was that the Native couldn't buy a dice roll. I couldn't count the failed closing to combat rolls they made. I would like to thank ChuckarooBob for a great game.
After the TSATF game we broke up for some 1000 point Flames of War games. I took my Soviets and fielded a strekovy batalon. I team up with a couple guys splinting a Cossack soviet force. We squared off against some German players in a simple one objective "King of the Hill" scenario. First of all I need to say I should probably read the rulebook before I try to play another game of Fow. I haven't played a pure infantry army ever. They play much differently from my mostly armored force I normally field. There is a big difference in 1500 point armies and 1000 point armies and how you play them. I had fun playing but found I had a different opinion on how several rules can be interpreted.
I ,of course, forgot my camera. I had placed it on the table so I would not forget it and did, so sorry no pictures this time.
I did pick up some Africa korp 15mm Germans that I plan to convert into Handscar SS troops by turning their soft hats into Fezzes. I also traded John B some chaos stuff for some Dark Elves. Now I just have to get those dark elves onto the table.