Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tzeentch Sorcerer finished

Another finished figure for my friend Tuna's chaos daemon army. I believe he plans to field him as a Herald of Tzeentch.

I tried for the flame feather effect like I have done on several of his other models. The picture doesn't really do it justice. I need to break down and build me a proper light box and set up for my camera.

This finishes up the current batch of Tuna's figures but I believe he is already building a pile of imperial guard he wants painted to match his current army.
I have started another project for Chucharoobob. I am cleaning and assembling the metal fittings for his freighter Minos. It is a paper model of a 28mm scale tramp steamer. I believe Chuckaroobob is planning on using it in a Gallipoli WW1 game and for the some Prospector Bob pulpy goodness. I still have to seal all of the pages and paint the fittings before I start the assembly.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Archaeon And Sorcerer Finished

I finished up a couple more figures for my buddy Tuna. first is an Archaeon on foot he plans to use as Skulltaker in his Choas Daemon Army.

I like how the cape came out. Although I need to go back and clean up the spot of gold that is on the right side of the fur.

I guess this picture says "don't argue with a guy collecting heads."
The other model is a Nurgle sorcerer I believe he plans to use as a Herald of Nurgle in his Daemon Army.

A close up

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chaos Baneblade/ShadowSword Finished

Another model finished for Tuna. I did the painting and Tuna did all of the conversion work.

Shadow sword front
Another frontal shot.

A shot of the trophy rack, a couple skulls, a genestealer head, Tau head, possessed head, and a space marine head. I painted the space marine head as a SpaceWolf. The shadowsword is marked by Tzeentch so I figure they have a special hatred for the spacewolves.
Baneblade turrent side. This shows the daemon faces on the side of the turrent and the added autocannon conversion.
Baneblade turrent,showing the spotlight and the daemonhead targeting array.
A long shot of the Baneblade.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Armorcast Combo and Some IS-2s

Some more work in progress pictures. I have been painting models for my buddy Tuna and it looks like I will finish them sooner rather than later.
Above is the Shadowsword body of the armorcast combo. I have all the basics finished and need to move on the the next level of detail. All the conversion work was done by Tuna.
Here is the Baneblade body, again all the conversion work was done by Tuna. Both are on a Tzeentch theme and I plan to have them finished before Tuna's next big apocalypse game at Underground games in Charlotte.

These are mine. A unit of Battlefront 15mm Soviet IS-2's for Flames of War. They have been sitting on the shelf waiting to be assembled and today was the day. The Lads have a Flames of War game going on today but because of me being on call I couldn't make it. It did motivate me to get these together and base coated. I even cleaned up some 15mm soviet flamethrowers that have been in a box for over a year.
With the proliferation of Tiger tanks, I wanted my Soviets to have a chance to make the Germans sweat.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Work In progress

Here are some better work in progress shots of a few figures I am Painting for my buddy Tuna and a conversion I have slowly been finishing.
First is an Archaeon on foot that he is planning to use as a skulltaker proxy in his daemon army. I am sticking to the Khorne colors of black, brass and red.
A chaos sorcerer also for Tuna. I believe the plan is to use him as a Herald of Nurgle in his daemon army.

Here is another chaos sorcerer for Tuna. This one is going to be a Herald of Tzeentch for the daemon army.

Finaly here is one of mine. This is a wraith conversion I have been working on ,hit or miss, since the new vampire counts armybook came out. Under the old armybook I had taken a wraith and chopped it in half and made a mounted wraith that I usually ran with a unit of Black Knights. The change in the new army book of wraiths from characters to units, left me with a shortage of wraiths. While looking for something else I found the wraith lower body and decided to make another one.
The basic components are the wraith lower body, a hanging torso bit from the zombie sprue and a couple zombie arms. I carved the noose off of the torso and trimed it up so it would mount on the lower body. Then I glued on the arms. I am in the process of sculpting on the robes and eventually a hood.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April Work In Progress

I seem to only post pictures of completed models. So here are some Work In progress pictures from the painting table.
Here is an old Inquisitor in terminator armor. I am toying with fielding two Daemonhunter Inquisitors in terminator armor with psycannons. I have another Inquistor in terminator armor with a psycannon and force rod but this one had previously been fielded with a power weapon and storm bolter from a regular spacemarine sergeant. I have a spare psycannon arm and the powerfist that came with the model originally. I don't want a powerfist on him, so I took off the spacemarine arms and looked through the bits box for a replacement for the power fist. I didn't find anything ready to use so I took a plastic chaos lord in terminator armor arm, shaved down the top and then built up a greenstuff shoulder pad. I added an Inquisitor scale inquisition icon to the pad and then added some more greenstuff. I took the chaos lord staff that goes on the arm and shortened it up and added a mace head. I plan to use it as a Power weapon or force weapon or daemon hammer.
A better side view of the shoulder pad.

Note to self, a black primed model doesn't make a very good picture. Here is one of the female Commissar. I am planning to have her lead my squad of sanctioned psykers when the new guard codex hits in May. I have 4 of the old style sanctioned psykers, 3 of the new style sanctioned psykers and one old Psyker primaris. I have started looking through my old genestaeler hybrids to fill out a couple more squads if the codex allows more than one psyker squad.

Another old conversion. This is a vehicle commander torso mounted on a set of catachan legs with a lot of extras on his belt. He was originally going to be the commander of my chapter approved cityfighting guard army. This was a White Dwarf army list that allowed you to field a hive ganger squad. The background of the army list was the survivors of several units had banded together to continue the fight and been joined by the hive gangers to defend their hive. You used what ever mix of guard models you had and just painted them in a similar scheme. Before I could finish the army a new codex came out, the chapter approved was then out of date and the cityfight army idea got shelved. I found the figure recently and decided to paint him up to use with the new guard codex.

Heavy Weapon Platoon completed

I started these guys in October of 2007 and finished them up last Friday. they are done just in time for a new guard codex to be released and make them obsolete as a unit. All the models are Delaque gangers from the gw necromunda range. Most of the troops came from me buying every delaque ganger I could get my hands on. Initially they were part of my Genestealer Cult army but after the release of the current imperial guard codex I bit ordered (when you could still bit order) enough las-cannons to fill out a platoon. I had already converted two of the heavy stubber armed heavies to have conversion beamers, which I proxied as las cannons. To avoid confusion I ordered nine las-cannon heavies to round out the force.
The Platoon, the Command squad and some extras. The extras include four squad leaders with a pistol and a close combat weapon, the two conversion beamer gunners and two knife equipped troopers. The knifemen are awaiting the new guard codex to be equipped with a ballistic weapon. They were converted to have special weapons for the Genestealer Cult army at one time but I broke the weapons back off when I started painting them to add to my guard armies.
A close up of the Las-cannon gunner. They are all the same pose but they are easily identifiable as a las-cannons. A new question is if I am going to make 60mm bases to put the gunner and loader on to match GW's new policy about heavy weapon teams being mounted on a single base.

Here is the Platoon Leader. He started as a Delaque gang leader, then was a Cultist brood brother and now a Lieutenant in the Imperial Guard.

Here is a squad leader. The plan is for them to be a junior tech priest leading a squad of my adeptus mechanicus imperial guard. The idea to use them came from a tournament I played in. I had one opponent making an issue because he had problems telling the sergeant from the regular troopers. The sergeant had a bolter and the troopers had las guns so I couldn't process the problem. The sad part was I was playing a completely painted army with 90% of the models, a conversion of some sort and the other guy was playing a barely primed ringer army optimised for the terrain they had at the store hosting the tourney. Such is the tournament scene.

Hers is one of the troopers to act as the las-cannon loaders. I have 3 models of 3 different poses. I put the same pose guys in one squad to cut down on the "who is in which squad?" game.

Here is my conversion beamer/las-cannon conversion. I originally didn't have any lascannons when I started my genestealer cult army but I had several heavy stubber equiped heavies. So I cut the hands off of the heavy stubbers and fixed them onto the conversion beamers. Instant Las -cannons. I will use them in the command squad or as a heavy weapon in an infantry squad.
If you are still reading then I think you might be interested in the back story behind the platoon being fielded along side my Adeptus Mechanicus Imperial Guard army. My AMIG army is mostly composed of catachan IG models converted to have bionics and built in weaponry. The story is the delaque gangers are actually devotees of the splinter Adeptus Mechanicus Metal Snake cult. They revere the slumbering Metal Snake beneath the surface of Mars and await the day it wakes and leads the chosen to a new understanding of all things. They consist of Tech adepts assigned to maintain the advanced equipment and lead the servitor guardsmen.
It sounds like a good starting point I may expand on later.