Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April Work In Progress

I seem to only post pictures of completed models. So here are some Work In progress pictures from the painting table.
Here is an old Inquisitor in terminator armor. I am toying with fielding two Daemonhunter Inquisitors in terminator armor with psycannons. I have another Inquistor in terminator armor with a psycannon and force rod but this one had previously been fielded with a power weapon and storm bolter from a regular spacemarine sergeant. I have a spare psycannon arm and the powerfist that came with the model originally. I don't want a powerfist on him, so I took off the spacemarine arms and looked through the bits box for a replacement for the power fist. I didn't find anything ready to use so I took a plastic chaos lord in terminator armor arm, shaved down the top and then built up a greenstuff shoulder pad. I added an Inquisitor scale inquisition icon to the pad and then added some more greenstuff. I took the chaos lord staff that goes on the arm and shortened it up and added a mace head. I plan to use it as a Power weapon or force weapon or daemon hammer.
A better side view of the shoulder pad.

Note to self, a black primed model doesn't make a very good picture. Here is one of the female Commissar. I am planning to have her lead my squad of sanctioned psykers when the new guard codex hits in May. I have 4 of the old style sanctioned psykers, 3 of the new style sanctioned psykers and one old Psyker primaris. I have started looking through my old genestaeler hybrids to fill out a couple more squads if the codex allows more than one psyker squad.

Another old conversion. This is a vehicle commander torso mounted on a set of catachan legs with a lot of extras on his belt. He was originally going to be the commander of my chapter approved cityfighting guard army. This was a White Dwarf army list that allowed you to field a hive ganger squad. The background of the army list was the survivors of several units had banded together to continue the fight and been joined by the hive gangers to defend their hive. You used what ever mix of guard models you had and just painted them in a similar scheme. Before I could finish the army a new codex came out, the chapter approved was then out of date and the cityfight army idea got shelved. I found the figure recently and decided to paint him up to use with the new guard codex.

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