Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Project: Undecided

I have put the Praetorians back in their box until a later date. My plans for for the 40k league are back up in the air. I watched a couple of 5th edition games now and the game play seems to be more dynamic. With the release of the new Imperial Guard FAQ from GW that states a enginseer's servitors don't count toward his wargear, will allow me to field the gunservitor squad of my dreams. So I am thinking about using my Adeptus Mechanicus Imperial Guard with Witchunter/Daemonhunter allies or Plague Marine heavy nurgle Chaos Space Marines.
I plan to work up a couple of army lists for each army and then make a decision.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rollin' Hot

Here they Are. I attached the wheels last night.
I have started the plague mortars but they are going to need a lot more detailing. I decided to mount the Plague mortar on the middle column instead of on top of the head like the epic Plague Tower and others I have seen online.I am debating on whether to make the mortar stationary or able to traverse.
With the wheels attached I will at least be able to put them on the table Aug 16th for Tuna's Apocalypse battle at the Castle. I started figuring points for the battle and I won't be able to field the towers and 90 plague marines to fill them like I wanted too. So I am leaning toward the 3 plague towers and a line breaker squadron with 5 vindicators. I just have to finish one regular vindicator and completely build the forge world vindicator kit I picked up the other day.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Last Day for the Warhammer League

Here is Chuckaroobob (Left) wearing his secret weapon, THE FEZ of POWER leading his Tomb king army to a victory Against Patrick's(Below) Empire at the Castle. I wasn't able to play a game because I had to get back to town. I had fun and played some good games during the league and plan to play in the upcoming 40k league. I ordered the 5Th Edition 40k rulebook and hopefully will have it next weekend.

At home I stripped the paint off of a bunch of Praetorians. Now I am getting them ready for priming.

Tuna stopped by the castle looking for Chuck and we talked about the upcoming Apocalypse game. I am thinking about building some wall sections to use for the game.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Next Project: Praetorians

Here are some starting pictures of my Praetorian Imperial Guard. After I took the pictures I took all the painted ones and put them into the simple green to strip the paint off so I can prime them to match the others. Some numbers for the force is 12 Praetorian Sentinels, 9 lascannon crews, 9 mortar crews, 6 missile launcher teams, 7 carriage mounted heavybolter conversions, 7 roughrider jetbike conversions, piles of everything else.
I am thinking about fielding infantry platoons with three squads, a heavy weapon platoon, a bunch of sentinels, the rough riders, maybe some Ratlings and/or Ogryns and maybe a couple of vehicles. I haven't crunched the numbers and it is only a starting idea.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Morrisville Endgame

The group of figures in the middle of the imperials is a group of plaguemarine terminators lead by Typhus getting ready to be finished off. The plus side is it held up the imperials and they did a whole lot of damage. The Eldar showing up and ruining the day for everybody.

More Morrisville MegaBattle pictures

Here are some pictures of the tyranid horde and Some action pics of the Lads reving up and getting into the action.

Morrisville MegaBattle pictures

Here are some pictures from a megabattle I played in in Morrisville NC. This was pre Apocalypse but have tons of super heavies and gargantuan creatures to go around. I was playing my plague marines backed up with two shadow swords titan killers and two warhound titans, The Famous Titanium Duke And Strontium Dog. The Scenario was the Plague Marines were taking the Gojira monster back to start experimenting on it. The imperials were trying to stop them and the tyranids were trying to take the monster for theirselves or at least samlpe it DNA to build a better monster. At the end the Eldar show to stop anybody from gettting the monster. It was a hell of a game and I learned a vital lesson, bring extra camera batteries. Here are some of the starting positions with the monster and it Plaguemarine Vanguard

Current Pictures of the Plague Towers

Here are some current wip pictures of the Plague Towers. I covered the foam in cereal box cardboard, cut the cannon barrels from different sizes of pvc pipe and used a vitamin pill bottle for the rear tank. I used DAS air dry clay to sculpt the faces. I am working on the plague mortars for all three and plan to try and mount the wheels this weekend if I get the Honey Do list narrowed down a bit. They may not be as slick as some of the other plague towers I have seen on the net but I think they will turn out fine. Besides, I doubt that Papa Nurgle uses a cookie cutter when he warps his Daemonic engines into existence. Enjoy

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Apocalypse game Pictures

Here are some pictures from the Apocalypse game at games HQ last April. The first warhound is Titanium Duke and the second is Strontium Dog. These are Chuckaroobobs warhounds that were on loan for the game. The last shots are The Titanium Duke and the Black Phantom face to face, with last pic is the end of the The Titanium Duke. I would like to say the Phantom put him down but it was the exocrine between the Phantom's legs that finally finished The Duke off. The Phanton is mine and It still has the basic paint job until I get the time and inspiration to finish it.

In the Beginning

Here Is were the PlagueTowers started. One sheet of 1 inch insulation I found on the side of the road. I will take some more current pics and post them up later.

New Pictures

Hopefully I have figured this out and here are a couple pics of the plague tower wheels.

More Progress on the PlagueTowers

I finished the faces on the third plague tower and added eyes to all three. I have started on the plague mortars to add to the tops and drilled the wheels for axles. I played another game for the Warhammer League but I have fell out of the running. The rest of the games I play will be for pure fun.
I have started figuring My 1500pt Ogre Kingdom list and I am thinking about playing in the 2250 pt tourney coming up.