Saturday, October 16, 2010

40k at Casa De Killgore

Once again some of the lads showed at the Casa De Killgore for some 4ok and a spaghetti dinner. Big Roy, Chuckaroobob and Tony P showed and the gaming began. Chuckaroobob set up the table as a neutral third party. He is still boycotting 40k and Warhammer Fantasy for reasons that would make another post on its own. We are trying to bring him back into the light and he has admitted to painting up some 40k miniatures recently but he still refuses to play. We fielded one thousand point armies for some fun quick games. Big Roy brought his orks, Tony brought his space marines and I fielded some imperial guard. Chuckaroobob brought some some minis but they were Spanish American war Spanish Marines that he cleaned up as he watched us play. We diced off and Big Roy and I would play the first game.

Big Roys orks. One squad of ork bikers, a couple of war buggies, a battlewagon full of boys, a big mek with custom force field in a truck, a burna boy mob in a truk and a boys mob in a truk.
I had a Psyker primaris, two vet squads in chimera, a banewolf, an Lemane russ executioner and a auto cannon sentinel outflanking.

I managed to pop a warbuggy with the multimelta on the banewolf early but Big Roy closed quickly with his truks. I deployed my veterans so a lucky rocket wouldn't pin them in the wreck.

Big Roy turbo boosted his ork bikers down my flank to threaten my objective but my Auto cannon armed Robot/Sentinel proxy outflanked next to them.

The Primaris and the Vet squad deploy to gun down the bikers.

While preoccupied with the bikers. The warlord rolled op hopped out and charged the executioner destroying it. Then he moved over to clear out the objective.

It looks bad for the boys but they manage to blow up one warbuggy below them.

The Warlord fires his combi-skorcha at the chimera and just happens to burn down eight of the vets.

The rest break and flee the table. The bad thing about riding the table edge. Then he charges the chimera.

Big Roy destroys the vets chimera then moves his Burna boy mob for maximum effect. The big pile of dice is the number of wounds from the burnas on the Vets.

The Robot/Sentinel charges out of the ruins to hit the Big Meks truk.

After surviving one round the chimera takes a lot of punishment on the second round.

With the chimera destroyed the warlord contests the objective, so Big Roy moves his truk to keep the sentinel from get too close.

The burnaboys charge into the combat to tar pit the sentinel and keep it off of the objective.

The banewolf make a play for the draw. I head it across the table to blow up the truk and poison the surviving boys, but the last warbuggy finally hit something and blows up the banewolf with a rocket. Yes the objective is a Filmore die cast from the Cars movie but there was no mistaking it for something else.

The Warlord does a Victory dance, a win for the orks.

It was the first game of 40k I had played in months and the first game Big Roy had ever played in 5th edition. I believe he is planning to field a chaos marine army in the next rematch.

Next up was Tony's space marine lead by Chapter Master Vorster Hadler against Big Roys orks.

Big Roys Orks move out.

The boys move up deploy and charge into the marine Tactical squad.

A scrum of ork and Marines fighting to the death.

The sounds of combat draw him and Vorster slays the enemies of Man.

Ork boys pile out of their transports but Vorster has more than enough pain to go around.
The game ended soon after this and Big Roy ended up beating Tony by one kill point. It was a close game and wasn't decided until the seventh round of the game.

Catawba Gamers September 2010

Here is a battle report from the September Catawba Gamers event held 18 September10 at Parker,Banner Kent and Wayne in Huntersville. I rode down with John Bays and as it would end up I played on the Parliamentarian side and he chose the Royalists. The game was a play test for Kim Allmans Warhammer Ancients English Civil war game he planned to run at the Southern front gaming convention.

Here is a shot of the beginning battle line. Royalists on the left and the Parliamentarians on the right. The scenario was to seize several objectives on in various buildings, including a character who was writing pamphlets and destroy his printing press.
The stars of the game John's Royalist Galloper cavalry.

My unit of Parliamentarian Pike and Shotte. They were an elite unit and it would show later.

The right flank of the Parliamentarian line.

I detached one unit of shotte to use as skirmishers and deployed them in the building were the printing press was located.

The Royals took first turn and advanced toward the center and the powder store.

The Gallopers head for the ford and the printing press building.

I maneuver my shotte section to get an angle on the advancing Royals.

I manage a couple casualties on the The Gallopers but not enough. The Skirmishers have spent a turn knocking loopholes in the back of the building but their fire is ineffective too.

The combined fire of the Parliament right flank causes some Royal pike to withdraw.

The Gallopers call for the Charge.

The unit of shotte flee. I had planned on this and had moved the pike so if they were charged by the gallopers or the Royal pike in front it would be a frontal charge. I did a couple more casualties after the movement and that left the majority of the galloper models in my flank arc. I I took the charge in the flank and the battle turned south.

I took a bunch of casualties and did few back. I failed the break test but because of the Elite rule I used my reroll and succeeded. The gallopers lapped the pike and it looked even worse.

The Parliamentarian Reinforcements arrive! A ray of hope that ended up to not be so bright.

The Royals march back into the Parliamentarian guns.

And fall back again.

The Gallopers finish off the Pike.

Then they overrun into the Shotte in front of the powder store.

Who Flee, while the gallopers continue into the cannon.

The Gallopers destroy the cannon and charge the pike in the flank,

Who also flee, so the Gallopers catch the General,

Who disengages, so the Gallopers end up charging the remaining shotte unit.

My Shotte unit that fled finally regroups. They reform, load their last round and prepare to make the Royalists pay.

The Gallopers fight the shotte and,

The shotte break and flee.

The end game. This is when we called it. The Royalists advancing and the Parliamentarians in disarray. The Gallopers received the most valuable unit award. The was a repeat play test game and it was commented that this was the best the Gallopers had ever done. Usually they charged into the enemy and ended up isolated and ultimately destroyed but not this game. I enjoyed the game and look forward to the next event I can attend.
The October event is going on today but maybe I can make the next one.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Game of Shame

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears! I come to bury cheesey-ness, not praise it! For the cheese men do lives on, the good is oft inturred with their bones. So let it be with Noble Von Kraken. And the gamers who push Von Kraken, all of them, are Honorable Men.
The tale I must tell is so trivial in it's nature, and so devastating in it's repurcussions, I shudder to relate it to you, my gentle readers. It is a tale of what could have been, nay, Should have been, a Friendly Game; shattered into discord by the Twin Fiends of Winning At Any Cost, and The Letter Of The Rules. Woe be unto him who achieves victory upon the ashes of Cheese! Here we have the two sides; the Noble Sly McFly, leading the forces of Good and Rightousness in the form of the French Foreign Legion, facing the bluish-gray hordes of the Vile Von Kraken, controlled by the Gamers Without Honour. The Noble McFly lend his troops into combat, crushing his enemies, seeing them flee before him, and hearing the lamentation of the women! All was as it should be; none could stand before his righteous Legionnaires. Von Kraken's Traitorous Warlord troops thought only of escape, fleeing the field in vast numbers. There was but one peasant who held his honour higher than his life, he gallantly charged a unit of 14 Legionnaires singlehandedly and refused to surrender even at the point of death. Such a gallant man deserved gallant leadership, but alas! It was not to be! Just as victory for the forces of McSly seemed assured, Fate took a hand, and blessed the Crude Von Kraken with The Item of Victory. All that remained was to remove the ill-gotten item from the board and claim Victory. It was at this point, with their forces smashed, destruction imminent, that the Gamers Without Honour choose to reveal their Fatal Flaw in the form of 12.6 metric tons of Cheese. I still cringe to think of it, how could Honourable Men debase themselves to such a degree? How will they ever be able to face themselves on the morrow, and all the morrows to come? And what of their friends, those pleasant folk who had just expected an afternoon of fun and lead? How could they be expected to ever share a table with such as these? Was such a rudely won victory worth becoming social piriahs? Sadly, my friends, apparently it was. Not only did the flawed gamers use Cheese to an unprecedented degree, they freely admited their sin, even found it amusing. They paid no heed to the calls of dismay from their Righteous Opponents, then let their actions stand, and although it may seem impossible to believe, even repeated the Shameless Tactic with additional units in following turns! The tactic is there for all the see, sadly captured at the time. Hordes of non-combatant trucks, driving across the battlefield to park directly in front of the Brimstone and Firepower of the Legion Artillery and Machine-guns! Preventing any attempt to destroy the Evil Men of the Squad carrying the Item of Victory off the table! The Righteous Players of McSly looked on with disbelief, surely these Foul Von Kraken Players would correct their behavior! Alas, it was not to be! Their tactics stand; more's the pity! But let this be a valuble lesson to those gamers in search of Friendly Games; know thine enemy, not all gamers can withstand the temptations of Cheese. Some fall forever, never to raise their faces again to the Shining Light of Good Gamesmenship and the Fellowship of Lead Gamers everywhere.