Wednesday, January 30, 2008

GamesDay At The Castle

I went up to The Castle in Greensboro last Sunday and met up with a bunch of the old Pair A Dice And Hobbytown crowd. I took my 40k Adeptus Mechanicus Imperial Guard army with some Daemonhunter Allies. I fielded the Lascannon Heavy Weapon Platoon, my Ratling squad and 3 Daemonhosts amongst other troops. I played an 1850 point game against ScottT and his Eldar on a city fight terrain table.
I used the 4 heavy flamer guardsmen I had converted from the Baneblade sponson heavy flamers I got from Tuna. They didn't really help much. It was a learning game and the first time I had played 40k in months. The highlight of my game was when the Ratlings sniped the Eldar Autharch. It was still a loss so back to the drawing board.
I went back and converted several AMIG back into lasgunners, converted a vet sergeant into a lieutenant by adding a power weapon and after a good search I finally found my guitar wire to finish the heavy flamer conversions.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Another Painting Day

Another bone chilling cold day (At least for North Carolina) so a good day to stay in and paint. I finished up the 40mm Slash and Saber French Cuirassiers for Chuckaroobob. I have also started painting a unit of 25mm 42nd foot highlanders for another friend.
The Cuirassiers are nice models. Several of the horses needed a little greenstuff to fill voids and replace some of the straps that were miscast but the riders are great with a lot of detail and they paint up nicely. If I can get ahold of a better camera I will try and post up some pictures of the finished product.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Reinforcements for 40K

I have been cleaning off my wip shelf on my painting desk. I was playing in a series of local 40k tournaments and had several units I wanted to add to my Imperial Guard army & Daemonhunter army. I decided to add some ogryns, a third daemonhost and a culexus assassin. I already had the models and just needed to repaint and rebase them to match my tourney army. Unfortunately they ended up on the to be finished shelf. We had a snow day yesterday, and the boy was at his grandparents so all I did was paint.
Of the figures my favorite is the Rogue Trader Ogryn Bonehead. It is my second RT bonehead and I traded with a friend of mine to get the model and now that it is finished I will be able to put 2 ogryn squads on the table. I am looking to field them as an ogryn auxiliary for Apocalypse battles or use it in a feral ogryn Imperial Guard army using the Abhuman Doctrines.
I am also finishing up Chuckaroobobs 40mm Napoleonic Cuirassiers. I have the Horses finished and should finish up the riders either today or tomorrow.
I have started sorting thru my Dark Elves and trying to decide exactly what kind of army I want to build and play in the fantasy league.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jan 27th Games Day at the Castle

I am getting ready for it. I have yet to decide on which GW armies to take. It looks like thet are planning 1850 for 40k and 2250 for fantasy. I am going to take my Soviet Flames of war army to possibly face off against Chuckaroobob.

I am leaning towards my Iron Warrior Chaos marine army for 40k mostly because it is a better painted army and packed up and ready to trave,l but I have to decide on which fantasy army to take.

I am hoping to play in Scott Tolberts planned Fantasy league but I am thinking about using it as motivation to finish painting up another army. I have mostly played my Beasts of Chaos and Vampire Counts in the last couple Leagues but I am leaning towards Dark Elves. I have collected up a pile of figures and haven't fielded any of them yet. I am going to make up some lists and then make a decision.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

More Soviets finished

I just finished up 7 stands of 15mm soviet submachinegunners and 4 soviet anti-tank guns. I believe this is a new record for me getting more units on the table. I guess after the first 200 or so I have my system for painting the soviets down pat. I primered up some battlefront plastic bases to use with my anti-tank rifle teams once I get them painted.

Monday, January 7, 2008

More Soviets on the Way

Over the weekend I primered up 4 antitank guns, 12 crewmen, 28 submachinegunners, one rifle man and another kommisar for my 15mm FOW soviets. Hopefully I will get them painted faster than the last batch.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Strekovy Finished

I finished up my 15mm Flames of War based Soviet Strekovy Batalon, too late to add to the 2007 numbers but a good jump on 2008. I added the final touches this morning and completed 42 4 man rifle/mg stands, 9 3 man command stands and 6 2 man kommisar stands for a total 207 figures. I checked my journal and I originally primed them on 11/10/06. So only 14 months to get them finished. I plan to have a better turn around time on the next batch.

Next is to finish cleaning up some At guns, crew and submachine gunners to prep them to prime.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Strekovy Almost Finished

Well I have finished basing all my Soviet Infantry and just a few more touch ups and they will be finished. This gives me 42 rifle/Mg bases, 9 command stands, and 6 Kommisar stands. I built extra command stands and kommisars to use with some future units when I get them finished.

My current plan is

An antitank gun platoon

A Heavy Machine gun Platoon

An Anti Tank Rifle Platoon

A Submachine Gun company/Tankodesantniki

I have assembled 4 Anti Tank guns and glued the crewmen to sticks in preparation to prime them.

I have cleaned the flash off of the Hmgs but I still need to clean up the crewmen.

planned projects 2008

Title: Re: Planned Hobby Projects for 2008
Post by: colkillgore on January 01, 2008, 10:55:14 PM

I broke out the Hobby Journal and looked at my 2007 plan of projects to finish and I didn't finish any of them. I took the TMP pledge and planned to try and finish painting 1000 models in 2007. I only finished 386 and of those only 72 were mine, the rest were for other people. I do have several hundred primered and a bunch basecoated and almost completed but almost doesn't cut it.

So my project list for 2008 is

15mm Soviet Strekovy Batalion: I think I will finish this one this year because I only need to finish painting their helmets, bedrolls, rifle straps and a few other odds and ends.
15mm Soviet Tankovy Batalion: I should finish this one too. It is also mostly finished just a few details to be completed
40k Imperial Guard Delaque Heavy weapon platoon: mostly complete, I just have to finish the detailing and the bases
40k Servitors: I have been working on these for a couple years now. I keep buying more and adding to the unit. I have hit 40 or so now and think '08 will be the year they are finished.
40k Imperial Guard Praetorian army: I have collected up a big pile of these now including 9 sentinels and did a bunch of conversions. Mostly primered but with a few base coated.
40k Blood Angels: I have been redoing my Blood Angels to get it in line with the new Blood Angels codex. This is mostly adding models to make full 10 man squads, building some vehicles and adding some characters. This also includes finishing my Line breaker Vindicator squad for Apocalypse games.
Warhammer Fantasy Vampire Counts: Finish up more Vampires
Warhammer Fantasy Beasts of Chaos: Finish my Minotaurs and Bestigors
Pulp: from Ilsa'a She wolves to Kung Fu school girls and various in between

New Projects for 2008

15mm French/Polish Napoleonics: I don't own any models for this genre yet but plan to pick up some soon.