Sunday, January 20, 2008

Reinforcements for 40K

I have been cleaning off my wip shelf on my painting desk. I was playing in a series of local 40k tournaments and had several units I wanted to add to my Imperial Guard army & Daemonhunter army. I decided to add some ogryns, a third daemonhost and a culexus assassin. I already had the models and just needed to repaint and rebase them to match my tourney army. Unfortunately they ended up on the to be finished shelf. We had a snow day yesterday, and the boy was at his grandparents so all I did was paint.
Of the figures my favorite is the Rogue Trader Ogryn Bonehead. It is my second RT bonehead and I traded with a friend of mine to get the model and now that it is finished I will be able to put 2 ogryn squads on the table. I am looking to field them as an ogryn auxiliary for Apocalypse battles or use it in a feral ogryn Imperial Guard army using the Abhuman Doctrines.
I am also finishing up Chuckaroobobs 40mm Napoleonic Cuirassiers. I have the Horses finished and should finish up the riders either today or tomorrow.
I have started sorting thru my Dark Elves and trying to decide exactly what kind of army I want to build and play in the fantasy league.

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