Wednesday, January 30, 2008

GamesDay At The Castle

I went up to The Castle in Greensboro last Sunday and met up with a bunch of the old Pair A Dice And Hobbytown crowd. I took my 40k Adeptus Mechanicus Imperial Guard army with some Daemonhunter Allies. I fielded the Lascannon Heavy Weapon Platoon, my Ratling squad and 3 Daemonhosts amongst other troops. I played an 1850 point game against ScottT and his Eldar on a city fight terrain table.
I used the 4 heavy flamer guardsmen I had converted from the Baneblade sponson heavy flamers I got from Tuna. They didn't really help much. It was a learning game and the first time I had played 40k in months. The highlight of my game was when the Ratlings sniped the Eldar Autharch. It was still a loss so back to the drawing board.
I went back and converted several AMIG back into lasgunners, converted a vet sergeant into a lieutenant by adding a power weapon and after a good search I finally found my guitar wire to finish the heavy flamer conversions.

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