Saturday, August 15, 2015

Scott Johnson, aka Col. Kilgore, has passed away

On Thursday Scott lost his fight against cancer.  He was 45 years old and leaves behind his wife Ashley and 12 year old son Nicholas. Scott was a good natured gamer whose broad interests ranged from Rogue Trader 40K, modern Africa,  the Banana Wars and the World Wars among others.  His posts here demonstrate that he was a talented modeler and a superb painter. He was one of my best friends and will be greatly missed.

There will be a gathering at United Friendship Church of Christ, 307 Turner Road, Lexington NC at 2:00pm Sunday Aug 23rd.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Historicon 2015 Pictures Part Two

Hi Kids,  Here's the second installment of the latest con in Fredericksburg VA.

Here's the long view of the 25mm Joe Hack ancients game.  Better rig up the superheavy table supports.  There's a lot of lead out there.
 Heavy Cav in the 25mm Joe Hack game!

 And a few shots of 25mm Nappies.

 1/48 WW2 in action!

 25mm Mexican-American War.  Nice!  World Famous Brian was in this one, he just moved to Lynchburg.  If there are any Lynchburg types out there, sing out!
 A few more shots of 25mm Nappies.

 1/48 "Tankers Challenge!"  It's like World of Tanks: get blown up, grab another and get some payback!  There was even a Char B out there mixing it up with the big boys!

 Fighting Sail!  Some of the lads around here own some of these but are medically prevented from putting on a game...    or is that too subtle?  You know who you are! Get the lead out!
 So cool!!!
 1/600 WW2.  Its like you're in a plane, looking down on the battlefield.
 This compound should look familiar to all red blooded Americans...   25mm Ben Laden Raid!
 Here are some of the new Amazons from Crocodile Games!  Damn skippy I'll be picking some up, as soon as my Khemru, Heru, and Spartans are finished.  Although they might be jumping the que!
More Amazons, this time decked out in the Royal Purple!

 Oh yes.  They will be mine.
 25mm Nappies.
 The Borg menace the universe!  If only we had James T. Kirk!  He would've flying legkicked their collective butts back to the stone age in 56 minutes.  Picard?  Bah!  Go back to growing grapes ya punk!  The Klingons didn't even have a word for "Surrender" until they met Kirk!
 Dropzone Commander!  Too cool!  Wait a minute, who's that over on the left edge....?
 Remember how large the Joe Hack game was?  These are the extra figs not on the board...

 20mm Chain of Command.  Going to have to try that out, although Disposable Heroes is going to be tough to beat.
 The long view of the Flames of War Tournament.

 When you need smoke, why not make something that looks like smoke?  Nice!
 A few shots of the 25mm Ancients Tourney.  Gotta love ancients!  More pike blocks faster!

 Jumbo flank attack!  Take that!
 Oh yeah, I'm digging it!
 A few more shots of the Bolt Action tourney.  Although Bolt Action is easily one of those "best forgotten" rulesets, it continues to attract those gamers who haven't tried Disposable Heroes.  You can lead a horse to water...
 Now THAT'S a BIG GUN.  I remember seeing these things on TMP or Lead Adventure. Didn't know they have reached production.  I might wait for the 203mm one to come out.
Great looking terrain! All sorts of Hun hatemail just waiting downtown.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Historicon 2015 Pictures Part One

Hi Kids,  Once again I've made the pilgrimage to the Holiest of Holies, Historicon!  And once again had a bucket o fun!  There were about 500 games put on at Fredericksburg, VA, so I'd like to recommend that everyone make the trip next year.  It'll still be there in 2016, but after that who knows?  I personally think the backlash from the Long Island etc gamers will move it to someplace like Iceland just to spite us lads from south of the Mason-Dixon line, but I might be wrong....

In the meantime, here are some pictures I took of all the action.

 Here we have some shots of a D-Day game in 15mm.

 Not sure I'd be leading the charge with M7 Priests, but you never know.  It's a pretty big gun after all!  Maybe those Huns are just being sneaky.  Ya gotta watch 'em every minute!

 The new Big naval Star Wars game was out in force.  That new rebel Assault Frigate looks way cool!  I've played the game a couple times, and it looks like a winner.
 World Famous Bruce from RDU has some up with a Coral Sea game that looks groovy!  Hope you don't have to move each cloud individually.

 My Thursday game was Check Your Six Jet Age, as the F-8 Gunfighters jumped our NV MiG-21's.  Three MiG's were shot down and only one F-8, but since I'm the one MiG pilot who shot down an enemy plane and survived too, I declared it an intellectual victory!

 Afterburners!  Feel the need for speed!
 Sweet looking terrain!  And all the bulk of 25mm, the One True Scale!
 Beautiful jungle rugged terrain!
 25mm game of Joe Hack ancients, about 6 x 25 feet table!  You boys ain't getting to the pub before last call!
 There was a large presence of zombies this year.  There goes the (25mm) neighborhood!
 Dropzone Commander was evident as well.  This is always a sweet looking setup!  I finally weakened and bought the rulebook.  It's just to awesome to avoid.
 The Miniature Building Authority had another excellent set up, this table was in use for assorted scenarios throughout the con.   I played in the Desert Breeze scenario.
Fire and Fury in 25mm.  Get the lead out!
 Looks like Geohex terrain.  Nifty!
 Groovy map for this 1/285 WW2 Aviation game!

 It's the Siege of Swein Forkbeard's Castle in 15mm!
 Remember those old Star Blazers cartoons?  Give the Gamalons what's coming to them while belting out the themesong to the show!  "Ourrrrrr Starrrrrrrrr Blazerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs!"
 I always dug the Earth Defense Force ships!  Just too sexy!
 A really big shoot-em-up with the Star Wars lads!  Why is the Assault Frigate guaranteed sexy?  Because John hates the damn thing!  What more do you need to know?
 25mm Nappies using Field of Battle!  One of the biggest games of the con!

 "Wings of Glory" for WW1 Aviation!  Beautiful stuff!
 "Sail and Steam" navies duke it out!
 Divine intervention as the hands just keep coming!
 "Sword Beach", one of the Big setups this year.  D-Day in 20mm!

 Oh yeah, these guys mean business!
 The Tyhoon is just a sweet plane!  If one is good, two is better!
 25mm The Sword and The Flame for Roy's Hererro German Southwest Africa game!
 "Iron & Fire" for more Naval action!
 "Luftwaffe 1946" as the huge strategic bombers come in for a run over the target!
A shot of the Combat Results Table from the Joe Hack ancients game.  It's not always about handfuls of D6!  Reminds me of WRG 5th!  Yeah baby!

Stay tuned for more pictures in a couple days!