Friday, August 30, 2013

Footdar verses Bile's Bloody Butchers 40k league battle report

The 40k league I am playing in has gone up to 1250 points. Your list is locked in for each point level but you can change the list when the points size changes. My 1000 points list was Mono Nurgle with a core of Plague marines and that didn't work. I went back to the drawing board and with some suggestions from the other players came up with a new plan. I went for Bile's Bloody Butchers. (credit for the name goes to Sons of Taurus) This was my fifth game in the league and my third game against an Eldar player, allot of Eldar in this league.

The army is Fabius Bile,an enhanced 20 strong squad of Chaos Space marines with mark of khorne and Icon of Wrath, two five man havoc squads with auto cannons, ten cultists with a flamer, two three model squads of Chaos bikers with twin plasma guns and a two model squad of Obliterators. The spawn and daemon prince are extras, there just in case the chaos boon roll is either very bad or very good.

The setup was Hammer and Anvil and Big guns never tire. I rolled first turn and deployed. I chose to roll on the warlord traits chart in the chaos book and received Master of deception. It allowed me to infiltrate two infantry units. so I chose to infiltrate the Khorns Chaos space marine squad and a havoc squad. I deployed the bike squad on one side and Fabius bile with a havoc squad in the ruin on the right next to an objective. I held the cultists and obliterators in reserve.

My proxy Fabius Bile and the old school chaos havoc squad with autocannons. At one time I had three Fabius Bile models but I never fielded him. I converted one into my favorite Inquisitor Spike and apparently traded the other two away. I have now acquired a fourth Fabius Bile model and should get him on the table for the next league game..

The Chaos Bikers ready to roll. If you will notice the grey building beyond them,

it seems to have a surprise waiting for them.

The Iron Warriors Havoc Champion directs the autocannon fire. A new build with some parts from fifteen years ago.

Bottom of turn one the Wraithknight comes out to play.

The biker take the brunt of the pain.

Top of turn two the Bloody Butchers arrive from outflanking and destroy a war walker with shooting.

the bikers leave the wrathknight and go after the unkillable autarch with a 2+ rerollable cover save.

Three butchers go down to Eldar fire.

Then two more, I still think I came out to the good. The war walker burnt down four of the five Havocs in the squad with Fabius the turn before.

Top of turn three the Autarch moved up last turn and the biker champion and cultists move up for a charge.

The Champion Charges in and issues a Challenge, the Autarch accepts.

The Autarch misses and the Chaos Champion puts a wound on him.

The Bloody Butchers finish off the War walkers and gain a victory point for eliminating a heavy support. They also finished off the ranger squad behind the Warwalkers with a couple flamer shots. The vyper model is actually a farseer on a bike and he made the saves from the flamers.

The Obliterators arrive and smoke a Dire Avenger squad that was camped on the objective next to the ruin.

Bottom of three, After a hit and run move the Autarch lands behind the chaos troops.

The Warp Spiders arrive.

The Autarch Charges the Havocs and the Chaos champion challenges. The Autarch uses his power lance and makes short work of the champion. The Havoc squad stays in the fight.

Top of turn four, the Bloody Butchers charge into the Warp spiders.

The Warp Spiders miss  and the Butchers only bag a couple warp spiders.

The warp Spiders hit and run.

The Cultists charge in and the Cultist champion issues a challenge. The autarch kills him. The Cultists stay but the Havocs run.

The Wraith knight kills a butcher and then charges in, finishing the squad. It was a good run.

The Warp spiders kill one obliterator and charge in. The fight for a couple rounds but the Warp spiders kill it and gain a victory point.

Top of turn Five the Autarch beat the cultists and ran them down.. He consolidated and contested my objective but took his second wound from dangerous terrain leaving him with one wound.

 I was ready to concede the game. He was ahead and I didn't have the troops to change it, I thought. My Biker Champion had charged his Farseer and they had swung and missed. Bile and the last havoc was camped on their objective. As it stood he had two objectives, one from killing a heavy support and first blood, I only had one objective. I still wanted to see if the Chaos Biker Champion could take the Farseer so we went on with the bottom of turn five.

The Wraithknight charged in to help the farseer, so the champ challenged the farseer and the Wraithknight couldn't fight. The Autarch charged into the Autocannon Havocs. I over watched and made one hit that wounded, The Autarch had a 2+ rerollable cover save so he rolled and it was a 1. Just reroll and rolled a second 1. The Autarch was dead. That gave me slay the warlord and I had a second uncontested objective. So from losing four victory points down to a draw.
That leaves me with no wins for the league but now one draw. I can live with that.

Looking back at the game if I had not been able to infiltrate the Butcher squad it would have been a completely different game. I would have had to march into all the Eldar guns and I doubt they would have made it. I have already started on my list for the next round, maybe I will be able to pull out a win next game.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cryptkickers verses Space Sharkwing league game

Once again the Cryptkicker face the Carcharodons better known as the Space Shark chapter of space marines. The models are sharks but Sons was using the Dark Angels rules to field a Sharkwing army. The game was a Gaming Underground in High Point NC against Sons of Taurus. You can check out his report of the game here on his blog. It was Hammer and Anvil deployment and big guns never tire mission.

The table set up The Cryptkicker deployment is to the left.

I won first turn and deployed. One plague marine squad in the far entrenchment, one squad on the friendly objective and one mounted in a rhino. The Lord in terminator armor, the terminator squad and two obliterators in reserve.

The Sharks deploy a terminator squad in the ruin on the left and a tactical squad in the ruin on the right.

Turn one was a little anticlimactic, I didn't have in weapons in range of his troops and his krak missiles failed to stop my rhino.

Turn two I dropped the Chaos lord and terminator squad close and it scattered onto the Sharks objective.

The Plaguemarine squad in a rhino moves out into the kill zone and popped smoke.

One obliterator arrives and the second scatters off board and disappears into the warp. This put Sons two point up for First blood and destroying a heavy support.

Between the Terminators and the Obliterator, they destroy three terminators.

Bottom of three Belial and his terminator retinue arrive.

Sons last squad arrives in the open near the board edge.

Top of three the rhino runs all out to get closer to the other Shark objective.

The obliterator killed last turn the lord and Terminator squad move up to assault.

The Lord Issues a challenge and Belail accepts.

When the dust clears all three Chaos terminators are down in return for one Sharkwing Terminator. The Chaos Lord wounds Belail but the challenge continues.

The Sharks move out and light up the chaos rhino.

Top of four the Plague marines line up for the charge.

The Chaos lord and Belial swing away but Ap3 verses 2+ armor makes for a long fight.

The Plague Marine assault in and the Marine sgt refuses the Plague marine champions challenge so he moves to the rear.

The Plague marine throw a bunch of wounds and only the Sergeant is left, but he stays in the fight.

The bottom of turn four the two other Sharkwing terminators join the fight giving Belail rerolls but the Chaos Lord and Belial continue to swing away.

The other Sharkwing squad charges in to save the cowardly sgt.

Top of turn five the chaos lord and Belail continue the man dance.

The Plague Marines bag a couple terminators but too many powerfists seals their fate.

Bottom of turn five the Man dance continues and then the game ends.

The sharks get a win with first blood, an objective and two points for killing the obliterators.

I had a great time playing Sons but could have done a couple things differently. The two plasma gun plague marine squads set the game out. In hindsight I should after all hie forces arrived I should have mounted up the one squad and sent it down field. the other squad could have walked over to the friendly objective. It is wishful thinking but a couple turns of plasma gun shot from that second squad could have made a difference at the end of the game.

we have gone up to 1250 points now and I have dropped the Plague Marines from the roster for the moment. They are great troops but in a lower point game they are just too expensive compared to the competition.