Thursday, August 8, 2013

Push Mold Death Guard Shoulder Pad

I have been working on my Death Guard army and wanted more of the distinctive three skull shoulder pads characteristic of the Death Guard. GW still has the shoulder pads for $10.75 for ten but that is a bit too rich for me. I have a bunch of the old second edition Plague Marines and I would have to saw off their shoulders to be able to use the separate shoulder pads, so onto plan B.

One of the Death Guard shoulder pads I acquired years ago.

Shoulder guard detail push mold from green stuff.

The result from the mold before being cleaned up.

The result trimmed up and glued onto the shoulder of a second edition metal plague marine.

After a bit of green stuff the detail is blended into the shoulder pad.

I have a bunch more to do but I think they are going to work out.


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