Friday, August 16, 2013

Heavy Gear RAFM 1:87 minis!

 Hi Kids,  Yeah, I'm still on my Robotech kick after seeing the "Pacific Rim" movie.  These lads are from the Northern side, complete with a huge honkin' dude called a Strider class if I remember correctly.  The specific type is an Assault Mammoth, I think.  This could be the first use of my world famous "Triple Grey and Black" (TM) camo scheme!  These bad boys are ALL METAL!  Before the world of mini gamers got all slick and lightweight.  If you don't get a double hernia carting your army around you just ain't doing it right!  So put down that watercress sandwich made with free range alfalfa and go eat some raw red meat!  I didn't claw my way to the top of the food chain to eat vegetables!
 The other end of the lineup.
 "A man has got to know his limitations," as Dirty Harry Callahan says...  and remembering all these mecha names when I only mess with this stuff once a decade is definitely one of mine.  So I labeled the bases, which are assorted sized washers.  So what is this damn thing?  Oh, its an Assault Grizzly.  See how easy that was?
Here we have the other side of Heavy Gear, the Southern Militia.  Although last year I painted up all my infantry forces for this game in this scale, there are still about 45 gears from each side yet to do.  I stopped buying them at 50, I figured that was a nice round figure.  It broke my heart when Dream Pod 9 shifted scales to the smaller stuff currently available.  It also continues to break my heart that nobody around here wants to play this game.  I've bought every freakin' edition including the newest one but have only managed to sweet talk the guys around here into a total of three games over the past 15 years of so.  Maybe it's my breath.  Or maybe the game sucks.  Discuss.....


Don M said...

I've got well over a 100 in that scale,I use them in STARGRUNT, I also happily mix in other manufactures as
long as they are tall enough, I also do allot of kit bashing with them. I was also very bummed out when RAFM
changed to the smaller scale.Yours look great!

Don M said...

Oh by the way my unit is painted in
MERDOC Grays :

Don M said...

Yeah it was part of the Robotech reinforcements, that came out over
18 years ago I think. You can still spot them now and then on ebay.

a better shot of it: