Saturday, August 3, 2013

Historicon 2013 AAR and Photos Part Five

Hi Kids, Here's the final installment of the action packed FOUR DAYS of GOODNESS which is Historicon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It ain't all Nappies!  Here's some Air to Air Combat with Check Your Six!  F-111's, F-4's (Best Damn Plane Ever!) and MiG-21's!  Kick the tires and light the fires! These look like 1/300 figs.

 Some kind of underworld, no doubt all sorts of undesirables lurking about...  Massively cool!
Maybe Nappies in 25mm.
Looking like Nappies in 25mm.
 When you really want to supersize it, go with 1:35! 
 WW2 Huns in 1:35!
40mm Sash & Saber Austrians take to the field!  Nappie's quakin' in his boots!
 25mm French And Indian War deep in the forests of the new world.
 World famous Tom with his custom Battle of Camarone!  25mm,  63 FFL vs. 2000 Mexicans!  Still the holiest day celebrated by the Legion!

 ACW action.
 Little Wars in the tradition of H G Wells!  Those look like 30mm Olde School figs to me!
 If ya got Lego's, go wargaming!  Or racing!  Get off your butt and get it done!
 Why do I get the feeling that crossing the bridge ain't going to be as easy as it looks....
 Really nifty ship models!
More Victorian Sci-fi on Mars!  More steam, more better!
So that's about it for this year's Historicon Report!  The hotels are already filling up, so you lot better get to steppin' and organize yourselves!   Fredburg is loaded with hotels, so I don't want to hear any excuses next year!  For God's sake, you can even take the train there!  Be a man among men, and game your little hearts out next year!  Don't make me come lookin' for ya!

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