Thursday, August 1, 2013

Historicon 2013 AAR and Photos Part Three

Hi Kids,  Let's get rolling with part three of the excitement!
 The mob of players participating in the Custer's Last Stand game.  Not sure if they brought their own hats....  I got the feeling that this game is going to end up in a magazine someplace....
 The French Foreign Legion's epic battle of Camarone!  In 25mm, the One True Scale!
 Back to Europe to smell the gunpowder!
 A shot of the Custer battle.
 Air support for the modern board, used in "Desert Breeze."  A mighty cool game variations of which ran the whole con long! 
The French Foreign Legion troops that took part in "Desert Breeze!"  25mm of course!
 "Desert Breeze" taking terrain to a HNL  ("Hole Nutha Level")!!!!  Buildings by Miniature Building Authority, figs by TAG/Eureka/DDD/others.

 Blackwater and FFL move out to clean out the rats nearby.

When the rats get big, you call in the Big Guns.  Ah-64 making a gunrun at low level. Lookit the mobs cowering in the mosque!  Thousands perish!!
 The view from the cockpit, Police and Western Powers rejoice!
Turns out 90% of the rats got religion, no doubt helped along the in the process by massive explosions and tracers nearby.  Producing multiple heart attacks, Seal Team Six has fast roped on to the building's roof at lower right.  In a game with reaction fire, this turned out to be an enormous cause of mayhem.  Knee deep in shell casings, the Seals stand firm and lay waste!
 Way over on the other end of the board, additional action!
 One of your larger WW2 aerial combats!
 Trojan War?  Pulp? DeVinci's Big Idea?  Who knows?
 Another Big Board with all sorts of action all con long!
Looks like its in America, AWI I'm guessing! In 25mm!
 More Fighting Sail!
Looks like ACW action!
 Ironclad on the river during during the ACW, 25mm.  Pretty cool!
 Post-apocalypse Mad Max type stuff going on!  Zombies?  Maybe...
Naval action in WW2.
Whew, I'm exhausted.....

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