Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Historicon 2013 AAR and Photos Part Two

Hi Kids, Here we are again, digging through a pile in photos.  Lets see what the lads have in store for us...
 Looks like some Fighting Sail action!  Nice looking SOL's!
 25mm WW2/Pulp action!  I think they used this set up for all sorts of mayhem!
 Mobs of figs take to the field of battle!  25mm Nappie-a-go-go!
 12 figure units?  I say thee NAY!  Live large, play large!
 Post apocalypse mayhem of the first order!  Yeah, those are all Zombies queing up.  I hear you knockin but you can't come it!
Hmm..  Could be the new Dropship Commander figs cruising the hood.



 Looks like the Brits are ready to punch through the line of French ships!
 Action in the desert! 15mm WW2, complete with all sorts of armor!
 A couple shots of what might be AWI action.

 Numbers?  Must be Carnage & Glory!  Betcha those are 40mm Sash & Saber!  Beautiful figs!
 The Big Set Up, its way out west, the Battle of the Little Bighorn.
Looks like Gnome Wars!  The insects join up with the native lizard folk to defend their island.

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