Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Historicon 2013 AAR and Photos Part One

Hi Kids,  Made the 6 hour trek to Fredericksburg to hang out with all the hardcore gamers at Historicon, the flagship convention of the HMGS East crowd.  The Powers-That-Be have signed up to keep the show in Fredburg for the 2014 & 2015 years, so all you weak-
kneed wannabies should plan to visit before it gets moved to Nova Scotia or Greenland!  I hear the old Air Force base at Thule has all sorts of room....
I lost the notebook I usually write down some details of the games, so I'll be winging it this time around. Apologees to whomever I offend by mis-identifying 15mm for 18mm, or Great Northern War for The War of Jenkin's Ear.  I'm not an expert afterall, just a humble correspondent....
 Starting off with some 15mm Flames of War Vietnam choppers!  These were set up Wednesday night, ready to get the jump on Charlie!
 This was a 25mm game in one of the boardrooms, gotta love helicopters blasting by at low level!

 Eureka's 25mm Dino range takes to the skies in a Pteranodon game!
 Rugby scrum or Flea Market... hard to tell sometimes.
Looks like a 15mm or 20mm game in NW Europe.  Prob D-Day related.  Awesome terrain!

 Some of the larger scale naval action.  Those might be 1/1200 or so, but I can't tell.
 Nappie's on the rampage again!  The guy just never gives up, even after being dead for 200 years...  French and Russians duke it out.
 Nappie starting to ruckus with the Prussians.  Wouldn't start nuthin', wouldn't be nuthin'!
 Looks like 25mm Fighting Sail!  Cog Wars for the Big Lads!
 25mm setup for the WW2 hardcore types!  The Huns are setting up for a push into Stalingrad-type terrain!  Nice!
The view from the other side, Commies brace themselves for the onslaught!

 The world famous Devils Den/Little Round Top scenery from the UK!
 And from the other side...
 It ain't all Historical!  Here we have the Gamalon Fleet ready to take on....
 The Starblazers Earth Defense Force.  Damn right I still remember the theme to "Starblazers"!
Sing along with the Chuckster: 
"A cry for help, a desperate plight,
Makes the Starforce reunite."
 A crowd of Huns get a rude awakening!
Looks like some 40mm Nappie or AWI action in the meeting rooms!  Carnage and Glory once again taking over an entire room for the length of the con.  So if you're a fan, you know where you should be!  No feeble excuses, get it done!

 The other side of the table.

Ok kids, that's about it for this installment.  Stay tuned for further updates, same Chuck Channel, at random times!


ColKillgore said...

That Star Blazers game makes me want to start buying the figures to play. So nice looking battle fields.


Anonymous said...

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Peter Robbins said...

That Star Blazers looks tempting! IF you ever get some and run a game at Spring Fever, I'd definitely partake. I hope you don't mind, I posted one of your photos and a link to this article. - Peter Robbins / trianglesimsociety.org group and webmaster

ColKillgore said...

Chuckaroobob is posting up four more sets of photos, check back for the rest tomorrow and later in the week.