Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chaos Vehicle Combi bolter conversion to Chaos Terminator Combi Plasma

I ran out of plastic combi bolter terminator arms I have been using to make some Combi Plasma guns for my Nurgle Chaos Terminators. I had assembled five combi plasmas and wanted a sixth chaos terminator armed with one. Taking Sons of Taurus's advice I started assembling one from the surplus bits I had leftover from the chaos vehicle combi bolters.

The starting bits. I converted several of the chaos vehicle combi flamers to combi meltas and have several of the off side combi bolter halves left over. I dug out a imperial plasma pistol to form the basis of the plasma part of the combi plasma gun.

I used an of cut of sheet styrene to cover the open side of the combi bolter.

I glued the plasma pistol on and then used a scrap piece of square styrene tube glued to the sheet styrene and the plasma pistol to reinforce the join.

I have been rolling out my left over green stuff to use as cables in conversions. This is the first conversion I have used some of the green stuff cables on. It worked well and I think it looks good. The plasma side is a bit short and I started digging through the bits box for a solution.

The solution, an oop chaos bolt pistol.

I cut it in half behind the magazine and trimmed down the back so I could keep the skull detail to chaos up the plasma side. Now it just needs a good pointy bayonet bit. Back to the bits box.

After a couple trial and error attempts, I settled on a twenty year old orc sword bit. The sword bit originally came from one of the ten orcs in the warhammer fantasy regiment box I bought back in 1990. A little shaping and then pinned into the combi plasma.

After a bit of greenstuff to clean everything up and then mounted onto another Nurgle Chaos Terminator.

My six Chaos Terminators with Combi Plasmas.

My plan is to field them as two three man squads of combi plasma suicide troops.

We will see how it goes.



Mordian7th said...

Totally dig how that turned out - excellent work, man! Gonna have to give that a go at some point!

ColKillgore said...

Thanks, the parts came together quickly and you can tell what is is for WYSIWYG purposes.