Monday, July 15, 2013

finished assembling Tin Man "not" Tharks

I finally finished assembling my group of Tin Man Horde Warriors. I started assembling them back in Dec 2012, so only eight months to assemble a dozen models.

They still need to get their bases flocked but the assembly is complete. 

I am planning to use them in some Sci- Fi Pulp or Victorian Science Fiction gaming, I just need to figure out which one. 



Michael Awdry said...

Now funnily enough I was watching 'John Carter' the other night and wondering if there were any parable miniatures out there and low and behold! Looking forward to seeing these painting up Colonel.

ColKillgore said...

Another place to look is Bronze Age Miniatures 32mm Wasteland Mutants.

They are their version of "not" Tharks and have a larger variety of poses. I will post up some more pictures once they are finished.