Monday, March 25, 2013

New Gorger for the Ogres

I have once again been bottom feeding on ebay and picked up a third Gorger for my Ogre Kingdom army.

I didn't want one of the finecast versions so I have been bidding on metal Gorgers for several months. I finally won one for ten dollars including shipping. It arrived broken and very badly assembled, with much of the flash and mold lines left on the model. I broke it the rest of the way apart and spent an hour or so cleaning off the old caked on glue, then removing the flash and mold lines. I pinned it all back together and then used a bit of greenstuff to blend all the parts back together.
I already had two gorgers but with the new army book making them a special choice, I wanted a third one. Some have argued there are better units to spend the points on but I dig Gorgers and that is that. The threat of ambushing Gorgers will move those gunlines a little further toward the middle and make it easier for my ogres to get into close combat.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Massacre in the Huntsman's Corridor

The Ogres move forward in the Warhammer Campaign. The Firebelly Flammen lead his army into the Huntsman's Corridor only the find lunch waiting, Chris from Sippin on Paint Water's Slaaneshi Wargor Slay McChoppy of the herd McChoppy. Flammen had also been able to lure a second gorger to follow his army so he would eventually have a advantage once the gorgers arrived.

At the break of dawn the force move toward each other. With both armies having units out of position.

Flammen uses a fireball to burn down some of Slay McChoppy's Gors but only a few fall.

Another Slaaneshi gor herd moves around the Ogre flank.

McChoppy and his Gors charge into the Ogres, closely followed by a ungor herd.

Flammen gets off his breath weapon but McChoppy and the Gors and Ungor win the combat.
Flammen breaks and is run down by Slay.

The first Gorger turns up and comes on behind the Slaaneshi Gor unit.

The last unit of Ogres wheel to be able to charge next turn.

The Gnoblars has been able to survive several rounds of combat against the razorgor.

but with Flammen gone with his leadership buff the gnoblars break and the razorgor runs then down.

The Ogres and Gorger charge the Gors, who give as good as they take.

but the Ogres and gorger finish them the next combat round.

The Ungors and razorgor maneuver for the charge next turn.

The second Gorger arrives and has Slay McChoppy in his sights.

The Ungors fail their charge but the Razorgor makes it into the gorger.

The Ogres charge into the Ungors while the Gorger and razorgor kill each other.

The Ogres rolled high for the charge so end up doing d3 impact hit each and then kill several more ungors.

 The ungors break and the ogres fail to catch them. The Gorger tears into McChoppy's gors.

The other Gnoblar unit starts to get closer to the fight.

The Ogres charge back into the Ungors.

The Ungors drop another ogre but only three remain. Slay McChoppy puts the second gorger down.

Slay turns around as the Gnoblar rear charge the ungors.

The gnoblar finish off the ungors and the game is over. Out of the total 1090 point that started on the table this is all that is left. I ended with eighteen gnoblars and an Ogre with two wound remaining and Chis finished with three gors and Slay McChoppy. The Beast took home the win but I don't think he can afford too many more win like that.

The Army formerly lead by Flammen limps back to the old fort to hunker down.

It was a great time and I look forward to the next game. I really like the small points, when a 45 point unit of gnoblars can make the difference.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Battlewagons and Wargods of Aegyptus

 Hi Kids, Been bitten by the painting bug pretty hard lately.  That means I've painted more than one hour in the past week.  Here we have the mighty Potemkin, renamed the Pantelimon after the mutiny.  Now that I've looked up how the spell the name I've noticed in the picture there are many 3rd rate guns jutting out all over the hull sides, so I guess I've have to go back and add them.  Bummer!  Just when you thought you had accomplished something....  arg......  Anyway, this is another of the mighty 1:600 scale Russian "Age of Ironclads" ships from Old Glory/Merrimack Shipyard.  I really dig these things, I'm going to start working on a few Japanese ships soon.
Yet another Arg, this time I forgot to set the appeture to get all these guys in focus.  Oh well.  These are a unit of Heru archers for Wargods of Aegyptus, a game I've been intending to get into for the past 10 years or so.   I thought I might try to paint one unit every month this year but so far I've been repeatedly sidetracked.

And just in case you thought that was the only sidetrack, just two days ago I started painting up some 25mm Tiger Miniatures Spanish-American War Spanish infantry.  Although I dearly love the age of rifles, I can't stand the ole "sausage roll" method of carrying kit.  There are entire lines of figs I've avoided due to this.  I've been trying to get figs which lack this abomination, but unfortunately they are few and far between.  Perhaps this is another good time for an "arg..."

Just for laughs on TMP there was a thread "What's on your painting table?"  Actual figs physically on the table:

In 25mm: SPAM War Spanish, Nappie Russians, Zulu War Brits, Company B Brit Trucks, Lance and Laser's Scoulder and Mully and some greys from their "Not XFiles" range, Grenadier Call of Cthulhu figs, a single WW1 Brit from Foundry, some kind of wierd sci-fi drone, and some of Pulp Mini's Cultists.  Oh yeah, and a helicopter.
In 15mm: an Old Glory sci-fi tank, some Quality Castings AMX-13's.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Basket Giveaway on Sippin on Paintwater?

In a show of Blog Solidarity (and to get a second entry in the contest) Head over to Chris' Sippin on Paint Water for his second annual Easter Basket Giveaway.

Chris packs up a Easter basket with minis and picks a random winner from the people that comment on the contest post. Go And check it out.


Old School Citadel Beastmen

I recently picked up some more of the old school Citadel beastmen from the '80's. I cleaned them up and started basing them. They didn't come with shields and several of them had bosses on their arms, so I raided my dwindling stock of old school plastic chaos shields to make them complete. All of them are in the 1989 Citadel Catalogue part two on the Beastman page. They were all designed by Jes Godwin.

Here is a copy of the page from the The Stuff of Legends Website and a link to the chaos beastman page from the 1989 catalog.

first is the Goat headed beastman, number 022010.

Second is the two headed beastman with a snake arm, number 022004

Khorne horned beastman, number 022005

two of the flesh hound headed beastmen, number 022024

A group shot before they headed to the primer. I will probably get these painted up soon so I can add them to the other classic beastmen from my early days in the hobby.

Last is a mystery beastman I picked up in a bits box lot several years ago. I have tried identifying the model for years but to no avail. I even had my doubts that it was a Citadel model until I broke it off of its base and found games workshop on its slota base. The model has been converted with the axe replacing its original weapon. While looking for the others, I discovered the original model for this one is a slaaneshi beastman, number 022013. The model has been heavily converted. The upper half of the slaanesh symbol horns were cut off and the remaining horns repositioned and filed down. The Slaanesh symbols on its chest and belt were shaved off. The shield boss was cut off of the wrist and the sword was cut off and replaced with the axe.
I bought it painted and it has stood on my painting table for quite a while. Now that I have rebased it, I will touch up the paint and add it to the ranks of my growing beastman horde.


Monday, March 18, 2013

US Army 6th Cavalry in China 1901

US 6th Cavalry in China 1901

I saw this picture on another site and decided to share it around. The original caption is "6th cavalry honoring Count Waldersee on his arrivial between Chein-men and Ta-ching-men gates -- Peking. photo by, Underwood and Underwood 1901"

A little research comes up that Count Waldersee was Prussian Field Marshal Alfred von Waldersee the first Allied Supreme Commander of the International Relief Force at the end of the Boxer Rebellion. He was proposed for the job by the Tsar of Russia and seconded by the Japanese the first Allied Supreme Commander of Modern times.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Fever 2013 AAR Part 2

Hi Kids, Here we have the second and final installment of pix from last weekend's local Raleigh NC con.  All TRUE gamers make it there!  Unless it conflicts with Cold Wars...  @*#$&@(#*@%&*!!!
 Anyway, on to the show.....   Here's a shot of Dystopia Wars, the awesome game from Spartan!  That's black mass in the center is a steam powered heli-carrier!  What could be cooler than that? TWO steam powered heli-carriers!  Sgt. Fury would be proud!
 The sister game, Firestorm Armada!  Cruisers a-go-go out in deep space.  As opposed to shallow space.
 One of the 40K armies looks mean!  I shudder to think how long it took to paint the details of those funny looking birds.  Bet they're angry, too!
 Back to the Warmachine tournament, run by the local PP group the Gunbunnies!  That looks like a Circle Colossal from the Hordes sister game.  I wonder if Kafka could sue, after all weren't Golems his idea in the first place?
 These things are in such high demand the factory is kicking them out with just a splash of primer!  Shades of Stalingrad, so you could argue its historically accurate!
 When you absolutely positively gotta kill every @($&(*^@!! in the room!
 Ahhhh, there's my baby!  I bought one of these Khador Colossals!  Mine is still in the box, though.  Judging how long it took to build a normal sized jack, its gonna stay in there for awhile.
 Big, bad, and out of control!
 Brace yourselves race fans!  Yesterday's "Formula De" race was just the warm up for Team Ellis' Saturday night hoot:  McGartland Racing card game!
 Can't have a con without Gnome Wars!
 World famous John plots to take over the landscape in "To Reign In Spain," a middle-ages multiplayer struggle for control of Spain.
 More Gnomes, more better!  Maybe these are Prussian.
 Lord of the Rings Helm's Deep battle.
And from the other side of the fence.  Not much greener over here.  We need more guys!

 World famous Curtis left his Macross game in SC to run some Cowboy action shooting!
 The starting positions of the Nascar race.  That's me in the Danica racecar second to last, while the guy running the game's relatives were 1 and 3.  Hmmmmmm......... Yes, its rigged. We all know it but we play anyway.  Things would get worse before they got better, Team Ellis guaranteed!
And here we have the finishing positions.  That's me in second place, after fighting through the mob three times!  I documented all the shabby underhanded tricks the others pulled, but still managed to claw my way past them!  Only one cheating SOB still ahead of me!  Why yes, he is the son of the guy running the game.....  And some people still doubt the existence of Team Ellis.  I bet they turn a blind eye to Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, too.  And Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.  Go figure.

 Action heating up at Helm's Deep.

 Leviathan, a new game available from Wargames Factory. Looks really cool!  And everything comes already painted!
 The Hobbit? Lord of the Rings?  These guys are too tall to be gnomes.....
 The wide view.  Those orcs look like they have the standards of the White Hand, so it must be the Fighting Uruk-hai!  Saruman is once again ruining the neighborhood.
The close up.  LOTR has some great minis, but they are so different in overall size I just couldn't get into them.  Every now and then I get tempted by their Wargs, but I continue to resist.

And that's it for this con report!  Hated to miss Cold Wars but once they move it further south I'm sure the bad weather will no longer be a factor!  I heard next year it's going to be in Richmond.  Yes, I'm joking.  More's the pity.