Thursday, March 21, 2013

Massacre in the Huntsman's Corridor

The Ogres move forward in the Warhammer Campaign. The Firebelly Flammen lead his army into the Huntsman's Corridor only the find lunch waiting, Chris from Sippin on Paint Water's Slaaneshi Wargor Slay McChoppy of the herd McChoppy. Flammen had also been able to lure a second gorger to follow his army so he would eventually have a advantage once the gorgers arrived.

At the break of dawn the force move toward each other. With both armies having units out of position.

Flammen uses a fireball to burn down some of Slay McChoppy's Gors but only a few fall.

Another Slaaneshi gor herd moves around the Ogre flank.

McChoppy and his Gors charge into the Ogres, closely followed by a ungor herd.

Flammen gets off his breath weapon but McChoppy and the Gors and Ungor win the combat.
Flammen breaks and is run down by Slay.

The first Gorger turns up and comes on behind the Slaaneshi Gor unit.

The last unit of Ogres wheel to be able to charge next turn.

The Gnoblars has been able to survive several rounds of combat against the razorgor.

but with Flammen gone with his leadership buff the gnoblars break and the razorgor runs then down.

The Ogres and Gorger charge the Gors, who give as good as they take.

but the Ogres and gorger finish them the next combat round.

The Ungors and razorgor maneuver for the charge next turn.

The second Gorger arrives and has Slay McChoppy in his sights.

The Ungors fail their charge but the Razorgor makes it into the gorger.

The Ogres charge into the Ungors while the Gorger and razorgor kill each other.

The Ogres rolled high for the charge so end up doing d3 impact hit each and then kill several more ungors.

 The ungors break and the ogres fail to catch them. The Gorger tears into McChoppy's gors.

The other Gnoblar unit starts to get closer to the fight.

The Ogres charge back into the Ungors.

The Ungors drop another ogre but only three remain. Slay McChoppy puts the second gorger down.

Slay turns around as the Gnoblar rear charge the ungors.

The gnoblar finish off the ungors and the game is over. Out of the total 1090 point that started on the table this is all that is left. I ended with eighteen gnoblars and an Ogre with two wound remaining and Chis finished with three gors and Slay McChoppy. The Beast took home the win but I don't think he can afford too many more win like that.

The Army formerly lead by Flammen limps back to the old fort to hunker down.

It was a great time and I look forward to the next game. I really like the small points, when a 45 point unit of gnoblars can make the difference.



Chuckaroobob said...

I'm not sure, but I think I might have caught a glimpse of an unpainted fig way in the back of one of those pictures.....

Ok Ok I'm joking..... :)

Impcommander said...

I'd heard it was bloody. but thats a messy affair there. certainly a phyrric victory if i've ever seen one

ColKillgore said...

When the Firebelly was killed I thought it was game over. I still lost but made Chris pay for the priviledge.


Chris said...

I think everyone was eating gor-b-q after that battle. It was a lot of fun though even if it left most my minis dead.