Monday, September 30, 2013

Winston-Salem Airshow 2013 Part Two

Hi Kids, Too many pictures for just one post, lets get back to it!
 Soon to be transformed into the Pintang, an early 70's Mustang.  Looks like a '72 or '73, but I'm not an expert.  Feel free to correct me.
 A few folks brought some Mustangs....
 Call me crazy, but if I had a car I'd leave the hood down.  I just think cars look better with it closed.  Come to think of it, I do own some cars, and yes, generally the hoods are down.
 A 1969 Boss 302.  Of course, all true musclecar fans know a 4000lbs Mustang needs a bigger motor...  Like maybe a 427 side-oiler....  Yeah, plenty of room in there.  Bet you could still close the hood.

 Another warbird, a P-51 Mustang.  Not related to the Ford products.
 Was Obama there?  Looks like a T-34 with an Air Force One paint scheme.

 A display team of warbird trainers, T-6's.

 A close up of another T-6.
 Full acrobatic!
 Another shot of the L-39.
 One of the Swiss trainers had some nose art.
 Ag!  for Agriculture.  Its a cropduster, maybe the one from the recent movie.
 The B-25 was offering rides, too.  All aboard!
Now that's a T-34 Mentor trainer.
 And finally two factory built experimentals, both from Just Aircraft.  I think the black one is pretty cool.  Got the off-road tires!


Friday, September 27, 2013

Winston-Salem Airshow 2013 Part One

Hi kids, The Airshow was last weekend at Smith-Reynolds Airport in Winston-Salem, NC.
 The information above is collaborated by the t-shirt!  Well, except for the timing...
 One of the few warbirds to turn up, an A-26 or B-26, depending on who you ask or the time period to which you refer.  One of the favorite planes of the CIA during the Cold War.
 A Beechcraft Super 18.
 A C-46, never seen this one before!  Tinker Bell is a neat name.  Berlin Airlift a-go-go!
 STOL (Short Takeoff And Landing) for everybody.  Turbine engine, too.  This could be a Kodiak.
 This could be some kind of Swiss trainer, I think there are a couple based at Asheboro.
 A Czech-built trainer, the L-39 Albatross.   You could pick these things up for around $300K a couple years ago.

 A Focke-Wulf 149, a German trainer from the 1950's.  The Huns used these.  I like the camo! Never seen one of these before.  There were two guys on hand who pointed out that they were expecting both a FW-190 and an Me-262 to arrive.  Replicas, of course.  I found their expectations HIGHLY unlikely.  No, they were just tourists, not anyone with connections to the show.
 A couple of Yaks.  I think these were Yak-50's.  Probably Chinese.
 Looks like an experimental Cub-a-like?

 Road rage for the common man!  Looks like a WW2 era jeep, complete with M2 50 caliber machine gun.  The "Ma Deuce."
 A Hughes 300 helicopter.
 A chopper with a little more bite, the Huey Cobra.  They were offering rides in this badboy!
 Over from Greensboro's Fed-Ex center, another turbine powered cargo carrier.

A Vietnam war era cargo plane, the C-123.  Did Mel Gibson fly one of these in the movie "Air America."  Or was that a C-7 Caribou?

 One of the local school marms, over from GSO.  I think it's called the Liberty.
 From the same FBO, a new light twin.  The lines remind me of the Rutan designs.  This one is aluminum, no composites!

 Pretty sleek, eh?  Kinda reminds like of the Mitsu MU-2.  Now those are sexy planes.
A Piper Cub, this one has a cowling covering the engine.  Gee whiz, go figure!

 Rednecks rejoice!  There's a Winston Cup Museum in W-S!  Yes, that's where they got the name.
 A much more Cuby looking Cub.  Exposed cylinders on the 65HP 4 banger.
 Want a little more zip?  Try a Moonie.  They are easy to recognize due to that funky forward swept tail.  A 201 or a 231?  Who can tell?
 Ah, the Swedes!
 Not sure about this one, its a side-by-side so maybe its a Piper Pacer.
Ooooo!  Stuntplane on a budget! A Decathalon!

 Yeah, this Cessna 172 is more than we can afford.
 Much more my speed, this Luscombe is just plain sexy.  Unfortunately, these things were designed back when the standard American male was 5'7" and 140lbs.  If I was flying this thing with a full tank of gas it'd be over maximum gross weight.
 Another Jeep, this one in Navy colors.
 Not sure what this one might me. I'm thinking Piper from the lines of the tail, but what do I know?

 Not sure this badboy was on display, maybe it was just sitting there.