Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Oop Chaos Raptor Meltacide squad

I have just started playing the 40k league games for the 1250 point round, but I am working on mt 1500 point list for the next points level. My 1k point army was very static and its only real mobility was deep strike and rhinos. Deep strike works but the rhinos only gave my opponent an easy first blood in most games. the 1250 point list I dropped the rhinos and added chaos space marine bikers. The bikers are better than the rhinos because it takes at least three hits to kill them where it only took one good hit to destroy a rhino, and the biker get a jink cover save.
I was lucky in my first week 1250 point game by getting the Master of Deception warlord trait, that allowed me to infiltrate d3 infantry units. Outflanking my big unit of Khorne chaos space marines allowed me to get a extra victory point that I doubt I would have received if they would have had to run into all of the enemy guns for several turns. I started bouncing around some ideas and digging into the chaos collection and came up with some Chaos Raptors from way back in the day.

Once upon a time there was a rumor that GW was going to release a list for a chaos Nightlord army that could take Raptors as troops. So I collected up enough Raptors for a several squads and the list never appeared. I did field a squad in my old chaos army but had them equipped with max plasma pistols for that anti space marine punch. I had a few of the special weapon models but they rarely saw the table.
Now it is time for a new plan. I had converted a champion with a bolter combi weapon back in the day and found it in the search. This gave me the idea to use him as a combi melta, and add two meltaguns in the squad. The one special weapon trooper with the unpainted meltagun originally had a flamer but I managed to find an old raptor meltagun to swap it out. If they do well in the league games I will paint them in Iron Warrior colors.



DeanM said...

Well detailed figs.

ColKillgore said...

I really liked the third edition raptors. I was in my three colors and a painted base painting phase when they were painted so I didn't do them the justice they deserved. I have a squad of the next version of the metal Raptors painted in Iron Warrior colors. They are much better painted.
Thanks for the comments.


sonsoftaurus said...

Cool. I love jump pack marines of all stripes, though I've never actually managed to use raptors.

sonsoftaurus said...
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Chris said...

I always wanted some third edition Raptors but since I didn't play Chaos at the time I never got any. Got a box of the new plastic ones that I haven't touched other than snagging a bit or two. Maybe I'll get my new ones done up and we can have a jump pack fight.

ColKillgore said...

That sounds like a Chaos Raptor, SOUTH DAKOTA GRUDGE MATCH!!