Friday, September 20, 2013

League Round 8, Bile's Butchers against the Space Wolves

For my round eight 40k league game I was paired against a Space Wolf player. This was the last week at 1250points. The scenario was the Emperor's Will and Hammer and Anvil deployment.

I managed first turn and moved the 20 strong enhanced chaos space marine squad up the middle and both bike squads down the far flank.

Wolf turn one he drop podded a Grey hunter squad in my back field.

One bike squad moves up and then gets shot down by the Space Wolves.

After a long charge Bile's Butchers wiped out a space wolf squad and consolidated toward the rhino.

The drop pod squad lights up the cultists.

The Rhino drives away and get Bile's Butchers in a crossfire.

The drop pod squad mixes it up with the Cultists and Fabius Bile.

Bile stands alone but the Iron warrior Havocs move to charge in.

The Obliterators arrive and scatter past the space wolf objective in the ruin, while Bile's Butchers move up to charge the razorback.

Two Razorbacks destroyed, Bile's Butchers get ready to charge the Long Fangs higher in the ruins.

The Havocs lose the combat, Bile stays and the last Havoc runs.

Grey Hunter squad disembarks to fire up Bile's Butchers with plasma guns.

A second Grey Hinter Squad charges in and Fabius Bile finally falls.

End Game, the Grey Hunters and Bile's Butchers destroy each other while the bikers and obliterators finish the Rune priest and the long fangs.

When the smoke clears another loss for Bile's Butchers.

This was the last week at 1250 points and I have gone back to the drawing board for the 1500 point round. My record as of week eight is 1 win, 2 draws and 5 losses. The one win was from a player not being able to make the game. I really liked the 20 model enhanced squad but it is a little too hit or miss, mostly they just drew fire but wers a whole lot of fun when they managed to get into combat.



sonsoftaurus said...

Maybe they need a 20+ cultist squad with bile attached in front of them, then have bile switch squads when they get closer.

ColKillgore said...

20 might not be enough, I think possibly 35 with three flamers. Every character needs and extra 35 wounds.


DeanM said...

Very cool looking game.