Thursday, September 19, 2013

League Round 7, Biles Butcher's against the Necrons

League round seven was against the Necron. It was Big Guns Never Tire and Hammer and Anvil Deployment. I lost first turn and stood by to weather the Necron gauss storm.

Turn One deployment, In my turn I actually scored first blood by glance destroying a annihilation barge with the Iron Warrior Havocs.

Turn two, the Necron wave advances.

My turn two, Bile's Butchers charge into the Wraiths. Due to Enhanced, rage and furious charge they charge in combat with strength 6 and four attack apiece. They chop down all three wraiths and consolidate.

My turn three the Butcher run toward the Annihilation barges.

The other squad of wraiths moving toward the second Havoc squad on their objective.

Bile's Butchers charge into the second annihilation barge. The Necron player tried telling me I couldn't charge them because it was armor 13 and I couldn't hurt it.  One of the spectators to the game pointed out you attack the rear armor in assault and that the Necron special shield doesn't cover the rear. So they charged in and destroyed it.

Turn three, the Necron lord squad deploys and the wraiths charge into the Havocs.

The Necrons gun down some of the cultists.

They pass the test and stay.

The Cultists decide to die standing up .

The Necrons move in  and charge.

Fabius Bile and the last Havoc fall. The Necrons score my objective.

After dueling for several rounds, the last wraith finally drop the Havoc Champion.

Turn five Bile's Butchers move into the ruin with the Necron objective. I was down 11 to 5 and ready to concede the game. We rolled and the game didn't end. I moved up and failed to assault the Necrons. We rolled for again and went on to turn seven. The Butcher's charged the Necrons on the objective and wiped them out. This gave me an objective and changed the result to 8 to 8 and a draw.


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