Monday, September 9, 2013

Battletech Mech inventory and Battle Plan

All of Chuckaroobobs talk of Japanese fighting robots and Battletech mechs finally made me dig my battle tech miniatures out of the "Closet of Doom". I mostly picked them up hit or miss and haven't had them on the table in years.

First the Clan Mechs. I wasn't a big fan of the introduction of the Clan Invasion to the Battletech Universe, at first. When the new mechs started coming out I refused to use then and just play with the earlier mechs. As it happens my army gaming buddies adopted the Clan invasion whole hearted and left me the odd man out. It finally came down to play using the new mech or not play at all, so I joined in the fun. we eventually started combining the Mechwarrior role playing game with the Battletech games and really added a new dimension to our games. Later after I left the army, I ran another Mechwarrior/Battletech campaign and it ended up being some of the most enjoyable and memorable gaming I have done to date. That is when I started picking up some mechs but never really had the ones that the players were using.

These are actually Reaper Cav heavy Infantry models but I plan to use them as Points of Clan Elementals. Mixing these in with the other clan Mechs will give me a Star of Clan troops to game with.

The first batch of Inner sphere mechs is from the Catalyst Game Lab Battletech box set. I picked this one up years ago and wish I would have bought two. The thing I like best about this set was it included a Panther mech and a Vindicator mech, two of my favorites to play. I found one of the box set on Evilbay but they wanted $220 for it, to rich for my blood.

The rest of the Inner sphere mechs, including the only primed one, the first Mech I ever bought a Vindicator. Their are better mechs but I just like the Vindicator design and is many variants.

Doing the numbers I could field a slightly over strength Clan Trinary against an Inner sphere Battalion. I think it would be an ugly battle and would put the advantage on the Clan Trinary. I would play the Inner sphere Battalion. They have two to one on numbers and eight or ten assault mechs but depending on the combat loads of the clan Assaults they could reduce an inner sphere assault mech to scrap in a couple turns. I think It would be a challenging game but fun to play.

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