Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pacific Rim? Oh Yeah! Fighting Japanese Robots!

Hi Kids,  I saw the movie Pacific Rim last week and its gotten me thinking (once again) of Fighting Robot Combat games!  I've had this idea every once and awhile for at least 15 years, and all it takes is a nifty movie like that to bring it to the surface.  So naturally I dug down into the Basement and found a few items....  There are still a few lurking in the corners, but I can't find everything at once.  At least I never have before.  So what kind of stuff are we talking about anyway? These are some Olde plastic kits from one of the Japanese toy outfits.  I bought them at the "Forbidden Planet" store in NYC about a million years ago for about $0.80 each. They came with some Guardian style mecha too but I've never liked that pose and so never built them.  They've been built since about 1990, but as far as I can remember they have never been in a game.  I've got a hankering to try out "Mecha Carnage" but never have.  Might have to pick up "Gruntz", it looks pretty neat too.

 These are so freakin' olde I was in my "every one has to have a different color scheme so I can tell them apart during a game" period.  Only the green one has decals.  Only the orange one (Mars camo) has spawned copies; some of my RAFM Heavy Gear and GW Tau are in this camo, too.  Come to think of it, some of those HG are in the background of this snap.
Some of the more mundane camo schemes.  I assembled them to be posable, their legs and arms all move.  Still missing is the one Heavy Weapon conversion I built, where I basically glued all sorts of extra bits and pieces onto one of these guys.  He got broken a couple years ago and I have yet to rebuild him.

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