Monday, August 26, 2013

Chaos Autocannons through the years and a couple Conversions

I have been working on some of my Chaos Space Marines havoc squads for the 40k league I am in. I sorted through my collection to determine exactly how many auto cannons I had on hand. I realized I have a cross section of the chaos auto cannons starting back in rogue Trader days.

First is the oop plastic Chaos Auto cannon that came from the chaos heavy weapon sprue. The sprue contained a conversion beamer, missile launcher and an auto cannon. I added this auto cannon to this model back in the third edition of 40k.

I think this is the third edition chaos space marine auto cannon. I have two of these in my Iron warriors army and they are soon going to get more once I get the new edition painted.

I believe this is the current style chaos auto cannon. This is the oop metal version from the chaos space marine Havoc box set. I think the new ones are in finecast.

My current 40k league list has a total of eight auto cannons in two Havoc squads. I have four of the rogue trader auto cannon armed models, two of the third edition auto cannon models and one current edition auto cannon model, so I needed to convert an auto cannon to make the eighth auto cannon I wanted.

I started into my bits boxes to round up parts and found some old Iron warrior torsos. I found four and decided to just convert four imperial guard auto cannon and have all four look the same.

The model uses an Iron Warriors metal torso on plastic legs. The left arm is an oop second edition arm for a metal model. The right arm holding the handle is from the chaos biker model. I trimmed the auto cannon barrel down, added a chaos gargoyle head and drilled out its mouth. The trigger handle is a piece of styrene round with a tassel from a chaos chain sword added to the end. Last, I added a piece of styrene strip and styrene round to make the top of the upper handle on the hand. I plan to paint these in Iron warrior colors and now I have a total of eleven chaos auto cannons, I just need one more to have three havoc squads with auto cannons. I might buy just one more.



Chuckaroobob said...

There's a new drinking game in town: take a shot every time the Colonel types "Autocannon."

Sorceror Commands said...

Havoks are awesome, they tear through flyers and transports alike. Good luck!

ColKillgore said...

It seems that would be around eighteen shots. I am going to google chaos autocannon and see if the post show up near the top.


Chris said...

I want to play Chuck's drinking game. Good looking conversions on the Havocs.