Friday, August 9, 2013

Cuba Libre!!!!! with Tiger Miniatures

Hi Kids,  Here we have a few shots of some Tiger Minis I've painted recently, I'm planning on using them in a game at the upcoming Raleigh NC convention "Southern Front."  Haven't decided on the rules, I'm leaning towards "The Sword And The Flame" but "Disposable Heroes" might sneak in at the last minute.  As everyone knows, I'm a crappy painter, but hey, thanks for asking!  Come to think of it, I'm not much of a photographer either.  The character flaws just keep piling up.

 Here we have some 25mm Spanish infantry, complete with command figures.  I took some liberties with the uniforms, and tried to make the officers stand out a little.  Army Painter stain provided the finishing touches.  And a hearty "Well done!" to for the flag!  I'm tellin' ya, that guy works miracles!
 These shifty lookin' dudes are Spanish snipers.  There are even a few who have tried out leafy camo, with branches stuck in their hats and belts.  Just look for the lack of straw hats.  Gee whiz, just taking off the hat is camo!
And two cannon!  Gotta have that fire support!  Ya never know when those Americans are going to drag a hot air balloon through the jungle!

And for those of you slackers who haven't been to Southern Front lately (or ever), brace yourselves for a great con with about 150+ hardcore gamers playing everything from Cavemen and Roman chariot racing to GW's 40K and Inquisitor!  Aviation, naval and racing stuff too!  Something for everyone, but YA GOTTA SHOW UP!

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Richard said...

These look great you must have gotten the figs at Southern Front.
Richard/Recreational Conflict