Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 2 40k League Cryptkickers against Eldar

I have joined in the latest Warhammer 40k league at gaming Underground. I decided to go with my Cryptkicker, Nurgle Chaos Space Marines. i played my first game against Jim B and his Dark Eldar. I had a really good time playing even though I lost. SWMBO had the family camera so no pictures from that battle.

Week two, I regained possession of the family camera  and onto Gaming Underground for my game against James M and his Eldar. We are playing using one thousand points and the relic mission. We rolled vanguard strike for deployment and set up our armies.

I deployed two plague marine squads in rhinos and one squad on foot to try for the relic in the middle.

James infiltrated his pathfinders,

Deployed the Wave serpents in cover,

Moved up his warp spider squad.

Turn one, both of my rhinos were craters. Not a very good start. I moved up two squads and then turn two.

James Swooping hawks arrived

The Warp Spiders jumped up and fired up the plague marines.

My turn two I dropped in an Obliterator to try and get a wave serpent.

I fired the twin linked melta gun and rolled a "1" and a "2", miss.

Turn three the Eldar scatter and gun down the Obliterator.

My turn three, the Chaos lord and his Terminator retinue and the last obliterator arrive.

The Chaos Terminators use their combi plasmas and kill five wraithguard, leaving the Farseer alone. A plague marine takes a plasma shot at him and misses. The obliterator uses the heavy flamer on the Warp Spiders and bags a couple.

Turn four, The Farseer moves to join the other Wraith guard squad and the Warp spiders move closer to the Obliterator. They then proceed to burn down the terminators, The Obliterator and finally the Chaos Lord.

Bottom of four I move out one of my last Plague marines to make a run for the relic.

And he fails. Win for the Eldar.

The Only thing I can say is Wave Serpents are bad news. The High point of the game is when James killed the last plague marine the game ended and left him too far to claim the relic so I only lost three to zero instead of six to zero.

I have one more game to play at 1000 points and have started a major revamp of my list for 1250.


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