Saturday, September 19, 2009

Russo-Japanese Pre-Dreadnoughts 1/600

Hi Kids, Here's the first elements of my new fleets; the Russians are in white and the Japanese are in grey. All of them are from Merrimack Miniatures (avaliable from, the biggest are about 7 inches long. Each one took about 3-4 hours to build and paint. Makes you wonder why I waited two years to build 'em! We should be taking them out for sea trials tomorrow! Assuming I will win (a rather unlikely assumption) I might go ahead and build the other couple dozen still in the planning stages.

B-17 "Liberty Belle"

Hi Kids, Here's some snaps of the B-17 that came through town a couple weekends ago. Believe you me, the only reason I detected it was the house shaking from the vibs of those four motors! They were offering rides, $430 for 30 minutes. Next time I have some disposable cash you can count me in! Charles

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Minos project

Here is a Wip picture of chuckaroobob's Minos freighter. I am building it for him to use in a proposed Gallipoli beach assualt game and for use in pulp games. I have the keel and more of the bulkheads assembled but no pictures currently. I am held up in the assembly process by all the metal I am cleaning up and then painting. Until I get them done I can't put the sides on because the bits have to be glued on before assembly.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Storm Troopers and Advisors

I finished a batch of figures for my buddy Tuna, so he can update his Imperial Guard army and take advantage of the new rules in the current codex. First are some storm trooper special weapons to expand his options for special weapons.

Here is a servitor model he plans to use as an advisor or inquisitor henchman.

Some old storm trooper special weapons.

The troopers for the storm trooper unit. These are the oop plastic ones from back in the day. I believe he has a bunch more and he plans to use them as his veterans in his army.

Storm trooper Auto cannon team

Storm trooper sergeant

Storm trooper sergeant again

Master of the fleet from the new advisor set.
Master of Ordnance

Sly Marbo proxy based on an old rogue trader guardsman,
Two Astropaths. The first one is from the new advisor set and the second is an inquisitor henchman.

finally another Calidus assassin for his apocalypse games.