Tuesday, August 26, 2008

80k of 40k End Game

The Imperials finally arrive at my end of the table. Four assault marine squads land near the end Plague tower and assault it with meltabombs. It ended up Immobilized, all but one demolisher cannon destroyed and only 2 structure points left. A counter attack by friendly models tied up the assault marines an allowed the plague tower to survive the game. More Black Templars and Death Corp Kreig troops arrive after being redirected by Disruption Beacons.

The Thunderhawk arrives. Then starts to bombard Typhus and his plague marine squad. I really dig the Balsa wood Thunderhawk. Some of the people didn't dig it but I stick to " If they haven't built something better, who cares what they think. "
The Bombardment worked.It killed off the plague marines and put two wounds on Typhus. He would count as an objective if he was killed so he climbed into a plaguetower to ride out the final turn of the game.

The lone group of flamers defending the last objective against the on coming imperial forces.
It was a great game even though it was the first loss for the Enemies of the Imperium in Tuna's series of Apocalypse games. We had 28 players with 8 super heavies per side. There was some adjustment getting up to speed on the 5th edition rules but few real disagreements. If you haven't got it I highly recommend the Apocalypse Reload book. I have gone back to the drawing board for a good 3k Apocalypse force. I have been working on my 30 chaos terminators and thinking about fielding the annihilation formation. I can't wait for the next battle Tuna puts on.

80k of 40k The center

Here is the Gate at the center of the table. My linebreaker squadron was to the right of the warhound. I planned to destroy the gate but when I came to the center to roll my shooting the gate was already destroyed by a group of defilers.

the gate destroyed.

Denied the Honor of destroying the Gate the Linebreakers drop some wall sections.
The Linebreaker finally get to drop a building and destroy the to center building on the imperial side. By this time there were some friendlies inside the buildings but they managed to survive.

80k of 40k Apocalypse At the Castle

Here is a picture from my end of the table during the enemies of the imperium set up. It was the first time my plague towers had seen the table. I was happy to find out that the Apocalypse Reloaded book had raised the armour values on the Plague Tower Datafax from the one available online without raising the points cost. My 3k army consisted of the three Plague towers, a four Vindicator linebreaker squadron and a three man biker squad. I took the despoil stratgem that would allow me to destroy an objective but I didn't get to use it before my bike squad was killed.
Here is another shot from my end of the table after the imperials have deployed. They abandoned my end of the table, deploying no units near the Plaguetowers. I spent the first turn shooting walls and dropping some plague mortar shots on some Black Templars in the tall building.

We will Meet Again!

After Tran-do was put down and all the bandits either killed or fled, Fashoud decides to live to fight another and vows to free Tran-do from the Border Police once he gets reinforcements.

The victors. Not Only did they all survive, they recovered the package, bagged Tran-Do and killed four Bandits. A good evenings work and back to the base for a hot cup of cha.
It was a first 45 adventure game for me and a learning game for all. We played several things wrong but we played them wrong consistently throughout the game so everything worked out. The next game is tentatively planned as an attack on the Border Police Compound to retrieve the package and free Tran-Do.

The Battle Heats up

After taking a beating from Tran-do, Degreas'e crawls toward the wood for cover.
After beating DeGreas'e and being shot up by the Border Police Tran-do hides waiting for them to try for the package. The Skull is a marker where a bandit got cut down with a tommygun.

After the Border Police Snatch the Package Tran-do Closes to make them pay. Unfortunately they ganged up on him and ended up putting him down.

The Unusual Suspects

A closeup of Chuckaroos border police.

Fashoud and his Bandits

Tran-Do and his bandits

Twilight In Kashgar

As the sun sank behind the mountain tops a group of Border Police head toward a isolated railroad siding to retrieve a mysterious package for Prospector Bob. Unknown to them on the other end of the track approached a group of bandits there to retrieve the same package for Major Von Kraken.
This is the set up for a game of 45 adventure played by me and Chuckaroobob at the BOHM. He fielded a group of police and I fielded a bandit executioner, a bandit deputy and 6 1/2 point bandits.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hobby Update

I have broken out the PlagueMarines and started figuring points using the new Chaos Space Marine codex. I am still tinkering with a list including 3 nurgle bike squads, some obliterators, a nurgle las cannon havoc squad and some lesser daemons. This is just in the test phase I am far from a final list. I want to use my old rogue trader chaos marine heavy weapon troopers but i will need to repaint them to a better standard. I also broke out my old RT Chaos dreadnought and I am debating whether to add it in for style.
I have broken down and decided to re base my old chaos terminators on larger bases. I also have more heavy weapons than I can field under the new codex. When I built them a chosen squad of terminators could have a heavy weapon every third model, now it is only one in five and only two per ten man squad. To help round out my third ten man squad I bought five more old style chaos terminators off of Ebay last night. The bad is one of them is armed with another reaper autocannon. My on hand count is 26 terminators either painted as or about to be painted as Death Guard. When I get the five from Ebay it will put me over 30 and I might be able to get a few more from a friend of mine selling some of his figures. I want to finish up the terminators so when I field the plague towers I can load them with Death Guard Terminators. To max out the load I will need 45 terminators. I have Typhus and a converted Chaos lord in Terminator armor with paired lightining claws, 26 on hand, five from ebay and possibly 3 from a buddy would leave me needing 9 or so more. It would be alot of points but that is what apocalypse games are for.
Currently I am painting some chinese warlord soldiers and touching up some pulp figures for a Pulp game at BOHM toworrow in the continuing story of Prospector Bob.