Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hobby Update

I have broken out the PlagueMarines and started figuring points using the new Chaos Space Marine codex. I am still tinkering with a list including 3 nurgle bike squads, some obliterators, a nurgle las cannon havoc squad and some lesser daemons. This is just in the test phase I am far from a final list. I want to use my old rogue trader chaos marine heavy weapon troopers but i will need to repaint them to a better standard. I also broke out my old RT Chaos dreadnought and I am debating whether to add it in for style.
I have broken down and decided to re base my old chaos terminators on larger bases. I also have more heavy weapons than I can field under the new codex. When I built them a chosen squad of terminators could have a heavy weapon every third model, now it is only one in five and only two per ten man squad. To help round out my third ten man squad I bought five more old style chaos terminators off of Ebay last night. The bad is one of them is armed with another reaper autocannon. My on hand count is 26 terminators either painted as or about to be painted as Death Guard. When I get the five from Ebay it will put me over 30 and I might be able to get a few more from a friend of mine selling some of his figures. I want to finish up the terminators so when I field the plague towers I can load them with Death Guard Terminators. To max out the load I will need 45 terminators. I have Typhus and a converted Chaos lord in Terminator armor with paired lightining claws, 26 on hand, five from ebay and possibly 3 from a buddy would leave me needing 9 or so more. It would be alot of points but that is what apocalypse games are for.
Currently I am painting some chinese warlord soldiers and touching up some pulp figures for a Pulp game at BOHM toworrow in the continuing story of Prospector Bob.

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