Tuesday, August 26, 2008

80k of 40k End Game

The Imperials finally arrive at my end of the table. Four assault marine squads land near the end Plague tower and assault it with meltabombs. It ended up Immobilized, all but one demolisher cannon destroyed and only 2 structure points left. A counter attack by friendly models tied up the assault marines an allowed the plague tower to survive the game. More Black Templars and Death Corp Kreig troops arrive after being redirected by Disruption Beacons.

The Thunderhawk arrives. Then starts to bombard Typhus and his plague marine squad. I really dig the Balsa wood Thunderhawk. Some of the people didn't dig it but I stick to " If they haven't built something better, who cares what they think. "
The Bombardment worked.It killed off the plague marines and put two wounds on Typhus. He would count as an objective if he was killed so he climbed into a plaguetower to ride out the final turn of the game.

The lone group of flamers defending the last objective against the on coming imperial forces.
It was a great game even though it was the first loss for the Enemies of the Imperium in Tuna's series of Apocalypse games. We had 28 players with 8 super heavies per side. There was some adjustment getting up to speed on the 5th edition rules but few real disagreements. If you haven't got it I highly recommend the Apocalypse Reload book. I have gone back to the drawing board for a good 3k Apocalypse force. I have been working on my 30 chaos terminators and thinking about fielding the annihilation formation. I can't wait for the next battle Tuna puts on.

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