Saturday, September 13, 2008

Brass Scorpion Wip & Gaming update

Here are some pics of my buddies Tuna's Brass Scorpion I have been painting for him. This is the model he used in the 80k of 40k Apocalypse battle . I have a bunch of thousand sons and some flamers waiting to be finished. I have also been working on a bunch of AWI Highlanders for another friend of mine. On the good side I have finished up fifteen Soviet Heavy Machine gun bases for my Flames of war army. They have been setting on the painting table half finished for six months or more. My goal of painting a thousand figures this year is a long way off. The Soviets are the first models I have completely finished painting since February.
Gaming wise I have played in a The Sword and the Flame game at the BOHM. It was a French versus the Arabs with Prospector Bob thrown in on the french side as a Victoria Cross Winner and Major Von Kracken on the Arab side with side unit of Stormtroopers. It was basically a punitive raid with the French goal to occupy/burn the village and the Arabs to stop them. It was a fun game but the French ended up withdrawing in good order but unable to seize the main village.
I also played a Flames of war game at the BOHM. It was a Soviet/American team(CharlesK,Patrick and Me) verses the Germans(JohnB andJerryW). I fielded my Strekovy Batalon for the first time since I finished painting them and had a good time. All of us were a little rusty on the rules, it had been awhile since the last FOW game. The Germans ended up winning but it was a close run thing. I tried using flame tanks for the first time and the jury is still out. I am thinking about making a couple of sniper bases to see how they work out. This is what inspired me to finish the Soviet HMGs. I have been debating what to add to the Soviet army next. I have more infantry, a storm group, a Smg platoon and a Gods of War Artillery Battalion. I am leaning towards to Smgs and Stormgroup especially if we keep playing mid war.
I am planning a trip to the Castle tomorrow to pick up the new Dark Elf Battalion box I tade for with a friend of mine. I am taking the plague towers for him to use in an Apocalypse battle and may take a 40k army to try and get a game in using the 5th ed rules.


Chuckaroobob said...

Holy Cow, that's a heck of a beastie! You've done a fab job on that bad boy! Makes me (almost!) want to get out something even bigger and maybe start up an arms race.

ColKillgore said...

It not finished yet. I have a bunch of detailing to go.