Tuesday, September 16, 2008

40k Sunday At the Castle

Went to the castle Sunday to get in a game of 40k, deliver the Plague Towers for my friend Chris H. to use in an Apocalypse Battle and pick up one of the new Dark Elf Battalion boxes I traded a bunch of chaos marines for. I showed up early and Windancer was a half hour late opening the store.
The new Dark Elf models are snazzy, especially the new cold ones. I want to get about 14 or so of them to mount up some metal cold one knights I have that are missing their mounts. I bought the metal knights thinking I could order up the plastic cold ones but when I went to put in the order it was a week after GW had stopped selling individual bits. I have been sorting through my Dark Elves and planning for the day I get the new Armybook.
The Apocalypse game was the final battle in a campaign Chris H and Alex have been playing over the last couple months. It was Chris' Plague Marines verses Alex's Death Korp Kreig forces. The PlagueTowers were a surprise and ended up ruling the day. Another major factor was because of Chris winning the previous battle in the campaign he was able to choose whether to play using night fight rules or not. Chris chose night fight and this cut down on Alex's firepower immensely.They Played 5 full turns and called the game, with Chris winning. The batle went exceptionally well considering that no one in the store had a copy of the Apocalypse rulebook and had to play from memory.
I played a 700pt game using my Plague Marine against a guy (whose name I forget, oops) orks. He was just starting the his ork army and only had 700 points assembled. We played a full six turns and the game ended in a draw, with neither of us controlling any odjectives. It was a real fun game but i am still trying to get the 5th ed rules right. I kept adding in 4th ed rules that have either changed or been done away with.

As if I didn't have enough irons in the fire, I put together a Warmachine Cygnar Sentinel and flocked it and some gun mages bases. When I went to put the Warjack together I had lost its head. So I ended up making a new one from a chaos warrior head and some green stuff. I have been thinking about building some of my Warmachine figs since talking to some active Warmachine players at the 80k of 40k Apocalypse battle. they have a group meeting regularly to play and I figured since I already have the figures, I might as well assemble them. I bought them when Warmachine hit locally and it seemed like everybody but me was playing. I played several games with other peoples figures and liked it, so I bought in. When I had enough figures to field a nice sized force the bottom fell out of local interest. Into a box they went. I bought some more since them mostly planning to use them in VSF games but it looks like they may see the battlefield yet.


Chuckaroobob said...

Those demons are looking pretty cool, but I think the Brass Scorp rocks the mike!

Chuckaroobob said...

THose demons are looking pretty cool, but I think the Brass Scorp rocks the mike!