Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tran-Do's Run

Here is a blast from the past. While talking to Chuckaroo, our last game of 45 adventure came up and I decided to look up the pictures on this blog. Whereupon I discovered I hadn't posted up the pictures or a report. So, this game took place at the Cage on 25July09. The players were Chuckaroo running the Border Police, Todd Amick running Chestnut Skunk and the Turks and Me running Fashoud and the Bandits.
Below is a view of the table. Tran-Do enters on the left table edge to make his run toward the Warlord's stronghold. The Bandits enter on the right Table edge looking for Tran-Do. The Border Police enter the top table edge trying to cut of Tran-Do's escape and the Turks enter from the Bottom board edge to do the same thing.
The Turks lead by Chestnut Skunk arrive on table.

Tran-Do runs for the cover of a building. He figured he better get in cover with all the honor less dogs with firearms after him. He is also contemplating" What is the use of being two-legged death with a pair of numchuks when everybody else has a rifle?"

Fashoud and the Bandits spread out looking for Tran-do.

The Border Police and their tracking dogs are in Hot Pursuit.

Tran-Do makes it to the building.

The Bandits Spot the Border Police in the distance.

Tran-Do sees his friends, The Bandits and makes a mad dash for safety across the wadi.

Chestnut and the Turks break cover.

Close up of Chestnut and the Turks.

Hit by gunfire from the Turks and Border Police Tran-Do limps back to cover. His friend's are going to have to come to him.

The Bandits drop a Border Police man. They might not be able to hit the side of a mountain but they can drop a Border Policeman out of a ruined building from three hundred meters.

Sergent Booker Corners Tran-Do.

Tran-Do makes his last charge but two barrels of 12 gauge lovin' puts him down.

Chestnut Skunk spots Booker and Tran-Do.

A good shot from Chestnut puts Sergent Booker down!

The Turks drop another Border Policeman advancing up the Wadi.

Fashoud orders the Bandits forward into the fight.

Despite casualties the Border Police advance to rescue Booker and Take Tran-Do into custody.

Border policeman and a Turk exchange fire over the unconscious Booker and Tran-Do.

The Tracker and his dogs advance to get an angle on the Turks.

The Tracker and a Turk exchange fire.

The Border Police always get their man, even if they have to drag his bloody, bullet ridden unconscious body back to the board edge.

The Border police get their Revenge and drop Fashoud!

After loosing a couple more Bandits, the survivors decide Tran-Do is own his own, that if Fashoud was conscious he would agree, and they would be late for evening chow if they didn't leave soon. So dragging Fashoud they head back to tell the Warlord of Tran-Do's glorious death.

The Border Policeman continues to drag Tran-do through another wadi.

A long range shot from the Turks drop the last Border Policeman.
So ended the game. I believe that the Turks ended up with Tran-Do or what little was left of him.
Will Tran-Do Escape again? Will he get a Friggin gun and make some of those big nose foreign devils eat some hot lead?
Who Knows?
Until the next episode.
It was a hell of a game and I believe everybody had a great time. It only took eight months to post up a battle report but that is how it goes.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

American Civil War Battle for Atlanta

I went down to Parker, Banner, Kent and Wayne, a gaming shop in Cornelius, North Carolina last Saturday to play in the Catawba Gamers hosted game. It was an American Civil War game using 15mm figures and the Fire and Fury Rules. The scenario was based on the Battle for Atlanta. We started the day with eleven players but had guys drop out as the day went on.
It was the first Civil War game I had played in quite a few years. When given the choice I chose to be a Confederate player. Because of the scenario rules half of the Confederates started off board and would come on as reinforcements later in the game. I chose to be a reserve player so I could watch a couple turns and get a feel for the game before I had to start making decisions.
Here are some of the Lads before the game.
A shot of the Confederates setting up.

An overview of the table showing the Union Lines running up the field and turning back to the left.
Confederate forces moving onto the table at the top of the Union lines

The Union Players from L to R Joe, Jody, Chuckaroo and John B.

The Union troops Leave their trenches and advance to meet the Confederates.

Confederates Assault the Union still in the trenches. Unknown to the Confederate players, their reinforcements would only arrive after the Union left a gap in their lines from pulling out troops to support the flank attack. or several turns had passed. Luckily, the Union players pulled out the troops.
Confederate reinforcements arrive on the left flank.

Several Confederate brigades continue the attack on the Right Flank while one falls back to reorganize.

Union and Confederate Brigades charge and counter charge in a massive combat.

Union Brigades continue to turn the Confederate flank.

Confederate reinforcements walk into the Union guns.

The lead Confederate brigades are disordered while the rear brigades oblique forward to get clear of them.
The Confederate Brigades mass to assault the Union trenches.

A bunch of bad dice rolls later the Confederate assault is repulsed.

The Confederates bolstered by General Hood ( lower right) reorganize and attack to trenches again.

On the right flank a Union Brigade breaks and flees.

Right into the limbered guns and is destroyed.

The Confederate attack is repulsed again, and is the last Hurrah.

End game on the right flank. the Confederates are pushed back and the Union Line holds.
End game on the left flank. Even though we managed to concentrate the Confederate brigades to assault the trenches and ended up almost even on the dice rolls, their dice were just hotter. When you roll a four and they roll a ten you can't win.
I had a great time and look forward to the next game.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chaos Thugs

I have been under the weather this weekend but did organize some figures for future projects. One group of figures are my Marauder chaos thugs with bows I plan to use as Ungor archer proxies. The painted ones are some of the first models I ever bought back in '89 or '90. I originally used them as followers in my Slaanesh Warband. I guess it was third edition warhammer fantasy battle and we were playing a campaign using the first volume of the Realms of Chaos books. Yes they look like a group of barbarian aerobic instructors in all their pastel glory but no longer. I put them in the simple green and once they are cleaned up they will join the rest with a new paint job. The middle group are plastic chaos archers from the Battlemasters game that I have traded for over the years. The back group is more of the Marauder models I picked up off of Ebay a few years ago. I planned to use them as back rankers for my Kislev allied detachment but that project was side tracked. Now I will field them as Ungor archers.
A bad story goes along with these guys. I originally had sixteen of the chaos thug archers. At the time they came eight in a box from Marauder. I needed ten, so I bought two boxes. At the time I was living in Louisiana and volunteered to run a demo game for a game shop in Lake Charles. I had a great day and showed a bunch of people how to play the game but when I went to pack up four of the thugs were gone, a standard bearer, a champion and two archers. It was the first time I had models stolen from the table and unfortunately it wouldn't be the last time. I had no idea who took them and I didn't do any demo gaming for a long time.
It still bothers me but the worst part is I doubt they took them to game with they just took them because they could.
The good part is they will see the table again.