Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tran-Do's Run

Here is a blast from the past. While talking to Chuckaroo, our last game of 45 adventure came up and I decided to look up the pictures on this blog. Whereupon I discovered I hadn't posted up the pictures or a report. So, this game took place at the Cage on 25July09. The players were Chuckaroo running the Border Police, Todd Amick running Chestnut Skunk and the Turks and Me running Fashoud and the Bandits.
Below is a view of the table. Tran-Do enters on the left table edge to make his run toward the Warlord's stronghold. The Bandits enter on the right Table edge looking for Tran-Do. The Border Police enter the top table edge trying to cut of Tran-Do's escape and the Turks enter from the Bottom board edge to do the same thing.
The Turks lead by Chestnut Skunk arrive on table.

Tran-Do runs for the cover of a building. He figured he better get in cover with all the honor less dogs with firearms after him. He is also contemplating" What is the use of being two-legged death with a pair of numchuks when everybody else has a rifle?"

Fashoud and the Bandits spread out looking for Tran-do.

The Border Police and their tracking dogs are in Hot Pursuit.

Tran-Do makes it to the building.

The Bandits Spot the Border Police in the distance.

Tran-Do sees his friends, The Bandits and makes a mad dash for safety across the wadi.

Chestnut and the Turks break cover.

Close up of Chestnut and the Turks.

Hit by gunfire from the Turks and Border Police Tran-Do limps back to cover. His friend's are going to have to come to him.

The Bandits drop a Border Police man. They might not be able to hit the side of a mountain but they can drop a Border Policeman out of a ruined building from three hundred meters.

Sergent Booker Corners Tran-Do.

Tran-Do makes his last charge but two barrels of 12 gauge lovin' puts him down.

Chestnut Skunk spots Booker and Tran-Do.

A good shot from Chestnut puts Sergent Booker down!

The Turks drop another Border Policeman advancing up the Wadi.

Fashoud orders the Bandits forward into the fight.

Despite casualties the Border Police advance to rescue Booker and Take Tran-Do into custody.

Border policeman and a Turk exchange fire over the unconscious Booker and Tran-Do.

The Tracker and his dogs advance to get an angle on the Turks.

The Tracker and a Turk exchange fire.

The Border Police always get their man, even if they have to drag his bloody, bullet ridden unconscious body back to the board edge.

The Border police get their Revenge and drop Fashoud!

After loosing a couple more Bandits, the survivors decide Tran-Do is own his own, that if Fashoud was conscious he would agree, and they would be late for evening chow if they didn't leave soon. So dragging Fashoud they head back to tell the Warlord of Tran-Do's glorious death.

The Border Policeman continues to drag Tran-do through another wadi.

A long range shot from the Turks drop the last Border Policeman.
So ended the game. I believe that the Turks ended up with Tran-Do or what little was left of him.
Will Tran-Do Escape again? Will he get a Friggin gun and make some of those big nose foreign devils eat some hot lead?
Who Knows?
Until the next episode.
It was a hell of a game and I believe everybody had a great time. It only took eight months to post up a battle report but that is how it goes.

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