Monday, April 5, 2010

More Models for the Beastmen

I have finished stripping and rebasing my Chaos thug bowmen I plan to use as Ungor Raider proxies. I decided to organize them into six model units with a leader and a musician. I only have three of the original Chaos thug musicians so I needed another one for my fourth unit. Here he is.
The Musician consists of the legs, arms and torso from a chaos marauder, the horn from a gor musician, the head and bow are mordheim bits, the quiver is from the ungor raider box and I am not sure where the heads on his belt came from.
Here is a side shot showing the heads and the quiver.

Another side shot showing where I attached the gor hand to the marauder arm.

The first two ungor I have rebased back to 20mm bases. When pulling off the base I broke the legs on the model on the right, After I ended up pinning both legs I had to resculpt the right leg. Just think I have about forty or so more of them to go.
Just call me the King Of Proxy but these two models are going to be my Jabberslythe proxies. I have since mounted them on 50mm x 100mm bases. I am still debating about building a Jabberslythe model from GW parts but these will let me get in some games to help make up my mind. The models are Naga toys from the Secret Saturdays toy line. They were discounted at Wally World and looked like they would bw tall enough to be a large target but still fit on a 50 x 100 base.
The best thing is that I can also proxy them as hell pit abominations in my skaven army.

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