Monday, April 19, 2010

Fleshtearer Revamp

I finally picked up a copy of the newest Blood Angels codex. I broke out my old Fleshtearer army, did a model count and now I am planning a new and improved army.

My Fleshtearers have two assault squads, two veteran assault squads, 2 tactical squads, 4 scout squads, an honor guard squad, nineteen Death Company, a couple dreadnoughts, a few vehicles
and a hand full of Land speeders. When the "Get By" codex was published in White Dwarf I added Commander Dante and Mephiston but never actually played a game with that codex.

With the new codex and the amazing amount of options open for the different units I am in overload for exactly how to equip or reequip my squads. I will have to add models to most of my squads to bring them up to ten model strength. Currently all my squads are less than ten models but I want to be able to use the combat squads rule so I am gathering the bits for some reinforcements.

The one model that I plan to add is Chapter Master Gabriel Seth. He is the Fleshtearers Chapter Master. He is one of the main reasons I bought the codex and plan to get them back on the table. I have also picked up a box of Sanguinary Guard but I am still haven't decided how I am going to equip them. I am planning to add claws to my Death company dreadnought to be blood talons and I am debating giving some of my death company different weapon upgrades.

I have a bunch of ideas and will come up with a little more coherent plan soon.

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sonsoftaurus said...

Cool, hope to see them sometime soon.

I've been thinking of (a few armies down the road) using the BA dex and Seth for a Space Sharks force...big honking chainsword, fearless furious charging squads, dreads with harpoons...:-)