Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Historicon 2013 AAR and Photos Part Two

Hi Kids, Here we are again, digging through a pile in photos.  Lets see what the lads have in store for us...
 Looks like some Fighting Sail action!  Nice looking SOL's!
 25mm WW2/Pulp action!  I think they used this set up for all sorts of mayhem!
 Mobs of figs take to the field of battle!  25mm Nappie-a-go-go!
 12 figure units?  I say thee NAY!  Live large, play large!
 Post apocalypse mayhem of the first order!  Yeah, those are all Zombies queing up.  I hear you knockin but you can't come it!
Hmm..  Could be the new Dropship Commander figs cruising the hood.



 Looks like the Brits are ready to punch through the line of French ships!
 Action in the desert! 15mm WW2, complete with all sorts of armor!
 A couple shots of what might be AWI action.

 Numbers?  Must be Carnage & Glory!  Betcha those are 40mm Sash & Saber!  Beautiful figs!
 The Big Set Up, its way out west, the Battle of the Little Bighorn.
Looks like Gnome Wars!  The insects join up with the native lizard folk to defend their island.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Historicon 2013 AAR and Photos Part One

Hi Kids,  Made the 6 hour trek to Fredericksburg to hang out with all the hardcore gamers at Historicon, the flagship convention of the HMGS East crowd.  The Powers-That-Be have signed up to keep the show in Fredburg for the 2014 & 2015 years, so all you weak-
kneed wannabies should plan to visit before it gets moved to Nova Scotia or Greenland!  I hear the old Air Force base at Thule has all sorts of room....
I lost the notebook I usually write down some details of the games, so I'll be winging it this time around. Apologees to whomever I offend by mis-identifying 15mm for 18mm, or Great Northern War for The War of Jenkin's Ear.  I'm not an expert afterall, just a humble correspondent....
 Starting off with some 15mm Flames of War Vietnam choppers!  These were set up Wednesday night, ready to get the jump on Charlie!
 This was a 25mm game in one of the boardrooms, gotta love helicopters blasting by at low level!

 Eureka's 25mm Dino range takes to the skies in a Pteranodon game!
 Rugby scrum or Flea Market... hard to tell sometimes.
Looks like a 15mm or 20mm game in NW Europe.  Prob D-Day related.  Awesome terrain!

 Some of the larger scale naval action.  Those might be 1/1200 or so, but I can't tell.
 Nappie's on the rampage again!  The guy just never gives up, even after being dead for 200 years...  French and Russians duke it out.
 Nappie starting to ruckus with the Prussians.  Wouldn't start nuthin', wouldn't be nuthin'!
 Looks like 25mm Fighting Sail!  Cog Wars for the Big Lads!
 25mm setup for the WW2 hardcore types!  The Huns are setting up for a push into Stalingrad-type terrain!  Nice!
The view from the other side, Commies brace themselves for the onslaught!

 The world famous Devils Den/Little Round Top scenery from the UK!
 And from the other side...
 It ain't all Historical!  Here we have the Gamalon Fleet ready to take on....
 The Starblazers Earth Defense Force.  Damn right I still remember the theme to "Starblazers"!
Sing along with the Chuckster: 
"A cry for help, a desperate plight,
Makes the Starforce reunite."
 A crowd of Huns get a rude awakening!
Looks like some 40mm Nappie or AWI action in the meeting rooms!  Carnage and Glory once again taking over an entire room for the length of the con.  So if you're a fan, you know where you should be!  No feeble excuses, get it done!

 The other side of the table.

Ok kids, that's about it for this installment.  Stay tuned for further updates, same Chuck Channel, at random times!

Monday, July 15, 2013

finished assembling Tin Man "not" Tharks

I finally finished assembling my group of Tin Man Horde Warriors. I started assembling them back in Dec 2012, so only eight months to assemble a dozen models.

They still need to get their bases flocked but the assembly is complete. 

I am planning to use them in some Sci- Fi Pulp or Victorian Science Fiction gaming, I just need to figure out which one. 


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

CryptKickers return to the Battle field

The Cryptkickers return to the battle field. Except for a few apocalypse games the Cryptkickers haven't taken to the field for a regular 40k game since November 2008 and the GameOnGw 40k league. I didn't have the new Chaos Space marine codex yet so I made a list in the dark, and it came back to haunt me later.

I made an 1850 point list. After reading a post on Dark Future Games about fielding your Nerd Crush unit I worked up a list centered around three small Nurgle Chaos Terminator squads. I played against Sons of Taurus who has already posted his account of the game here. Therein some accusations of plasma spam were tossed about. I counter that by saying ,in hindsight, I would call the army more a min/maxed plasma spam army than anything else. The list included a Nugle Chaos lord in Terminator armor with the burning brand  of Skalathrax. A nurgle chaos sorcerer with spell familiar and combi plasma as warlord. Three five model plague marine squads with two plasma guns. One five model squad of plague marines with two melta guns in a rhino with a combi melta. One five model plague marine squad with two flamers in a rhino. A possessed vindicator with a combi melta and last two nurgle obliterators.

We rolled Vanguard strike deployment and Emperor's Will. My objective is the green arrow behind the coolant towers.

Sons set up his objective in the ruin at the back edge of his deployment. The two rhinos had combat squads in them and a squad in the ruin upper story. His whirlwind is behind another ruin on the upper left with another squad on the upper level balcony. He held his captain and bike squad, ironclad dreadnought in a drop pod,  assault squad and a terminator squad in reserve.

My deployment looks like a set up for a third edition rhino rush. I joined the Nurgle Lord to the Combi melta gun terminator squad and held it, the two combi plasma terminator squads and the two obliterators in reserve.

Sons took the first turn so bottom of turn one I moved out and popped smoke on all the vehicles.

Top of turn two Sons dropped in his Ironclad he forgot to drop in turn one. It looks bad for the vindicator.

Space sharks in the backfield, the Captain and bike squad, the Assault squad and terminator drop behind the Death Guard lines.

The Ironclad takes First Blood by destroying the vindicator. Not only was the vindicator not painted it was the first time on the table and suffered the first time on the table curse. Destroyed without doing anything.

The Sharks destroy a Rhino.

Bottom turn two I have all my reserves come available. I drop a combi plasma terminator squad near the Space Shark terminators.

And one dies to dangerous terrain, so much for my combi plasma sneak attack.

The Obliterators drop in the middle of the board,

And take revenge on the Ironclad for destroying the Vindicator.

The combination of plasma guns and terminator combi plasmas take down several shark terminators.

The combined fire from the second combi plasma terminator squad and the plague marine destroy several bikes and a couple assault marines. The Lord and his terminator squad mishapped but the roll put them back in reserve.

Top of turn three, the Space shark assault marines move in for some pay back.

The Shark Captain and bike squad charge into the plague marines.

The challenge is issued and THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! The Plague marine champ drops the Assault squad Sergeant. A roll on the boon table gives him Fleshbane. A rules question came up. The fleshbane makes him wound on a 2+ in addition to Poison on a 4+. Does he wound on a 2+ and reroll 1s due to poison. We decided he would but he fail to attack anything with wounds for the rest of the game.

The Assault squad misses its morale test and them jumps off of the table.

One plague marine stands and provides a much appreciated plasma fire protection for the Captain and bikers.

Bottom of turn three, I deep strike mishap with the Lord and his terminator squad again. I roll and they are returned to reserve again. The Obliterators move toward the ruin the Shark's objective is in and drop the land speeder tornado.

After a plague marine squad droped another terminator, the Nurgle Terminators charge in. The Terminator champ issues a challenge and bests the Terminator Sergeant. The roll on the boon table nets him a second wound.

The Shark Terminators stay and everyone piles in.

The Shark captain bags his second chaos champion of the game.

The Lone plague marine killed the last two Chaos Terminators run and are caught by the bikers.

Top of turn four the Nurgle terminators finish off the Space shark terminator squad.

The Shark captain clams his third chaos champion skull of the game.

Bottom of turn four, another lone plague marine holds out but the two wound Nurgle Terminator champ is coming to help.

Finally the lord and his entourage arrive to the battle. Dropping in the Shark rear near there objective.

The Nurlge Terminator champ charges in and the Shark Captain accepts his fourth challenge of the game.

The Captain and the Nurgle terminator champ whiff their attacks but the Nurgle terminator with the power axe finishes the bikers as one fists him in return.

Top of five. The captain comes back for some more action.

The plague marine champ has spent the ensuing turns trying to chase down the Shark Whirlwind. They had charged it in turn four but failed to destroy it with krak grenades, so it has backed away.

The captain makes a run for the Death Guard objective and then rolls to low for a successful charge.

Bottom of turn five. The plague marines catch the whirlwind and destroy it with krak grenades.

After taking another wound from plasma fire the Captain is charged by the Nurgle Terminator Champ. They swing but fail to wound each other.

End game the Nurgle Lord contests the Shark objective and the game ends.

A win for the Cryptkickers.

It was a great game and I hope to play Sons again.

I don't know about the Vindicator. I deployed it poorly and Sons Sacrificed his Ironclad to stop it. The 40k league is starting at 1000 points and I am undecided it I can fit the Vindicator in that. If I play a larger point game I will probably keep it but I will have a bit more paint on it next time.

The Nurgle terminators worked well. The only change is to add veterans of the long war to them and change the champ to have a power axe instead of the power maul.

The Chaos sorcerer as warlord worked well this game. My only problem is that he had several good powers and was unable to use them the majority of the game. I like the Chaos lord and chaos Sorcerer combination but will probably have to chose one or the other in a 1000 point army list.

Thanks for reading