Saturday, November 29, 2008

GameonGW Games Day

On November 22ND the GameOnGw club put on a gameday for the area gamers in High Point North Carolina. It took place in a warehouse space in a furniture factory. It ended up having 40+ players sign in and 100 cans of food donated to a local food bank. We had a big bit swap with a lot of people bringing models and more bringing money. I ended up with a complete forge world Deathguard dreadnought, two sets of forgeworld Deathguard rhino doors, 3 Deathguard Plaguemarine squads, 3 blisters of Deathguard special weapons, 2 Deathguard Havoc squads, an Emperors Children Chaos Lord, a bag of 3rd ed chaos raptors, a roguetrader imperial guard Landspeeder, some roguetrader halfling snipers, a tyranid epic army, a chaos epic army, a spacemarine epic army and I finished the trade with Jim Barr for 4 roguetrader chaos terminator bodies and 5 3rd edition chaos terminator bodies. With the lightning claws bits and the plastic terminator arms I won on eBay I will be able to break the 50 terminator model count.
I ended up playing 2 games of 40k. I had a battle to play against Patrick for the 40k league but he did show up till after I had started a game against a guy named Robert I hadn't meet before. It was a 1500 point game. I played my plague marines verses his Chaos Daemons. The game started out bad for Robert when his Daemon Prince scattered on top of my vindicator and was killed. His Changer of Ways successively destroyed 2 vindicators and typhus was taken down by a bloodletter squad but a last turn assault by my summoned lesser daemons drew his horrors off of the objective, giving me the win. Robert has some well painted models that makes me want to get mine painted up to par. When we had finished Patrick was playing a game so I had to wait on him to finish but this gave me some time to get some wheeling and dealing done.
The game against Patrick went well for me but very bad for Patrick. I placed my vindicator to contest one side of the table and set the plague marines and later Typhus and the terminators close to his more heavily defended objective. He fielded a lot of scouts and a landspeeder storm a couple devastator squads, a couple tactical squads, a assault terminator squad with thunder hammers and Pedro Kantor. I ran drove the two plaguemarine squads into his guns and then used deep strike to land Typhus nearby. My vindicators managed to burn up his devastators but not before the plasma cannon squad burnt down my short plagumarine squad holding my objective. He shot up typhus and the terminators and they broke and run. They eventually regrouped and returned but not before the combat started that included Pedro Kantor, two tactical squads, three scout squads, two plague marine squads, two lesser daemon squads and the terminator squad that had spent the majority of the game running from the other side of the board to get into combat in the last turns of the game. By the end of turn five Patrick only had one terminator and one rhino left on the board. He was ready to call it a game but after looking at the table we determined if his terminator and rhino could survive the turn he would contest two objectives and the game would be a draw. We finished the game and my two squads of Plaguemarines were able to pull the last terminator down, this gave me the win. I am beginning to think that the 3 vindicator list is a little overpowered for friendly play and since I have that snazzy new forgeworld dreadnought I think a new list will be in order.

I had one hell of a day And I am looking forward to the next one, but next time I am going to bring more stuff to trade and more sandwiches to sell.

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