Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cryptkickers take Palace Grounds West!

I meet up with JR at Bobby A's place to play our league battle for Vogden's Palace grounds west. We rolled up a spearhead annihilation game so no need to worry about objectives. I had changed up my list by cutting the third plague marine squad in half, dropping a special weapon and their rhino and adding 3 terminators to accompany Typhus.
JR choose first turn and after we deployed I rolled and seized the initiative letting me go first. I rolled the battle line forward, popped smoke on the rhinos and shot the vindicators. Two of them hit a land raider and knocked it out. JR's return fire immobilised a vindicator and shot the combibolter off of one rhino.Turn two, all my reserves arrived. I deep struck Typhus and his terminators near JR's dreadnought and a tactical squad in a ruined building. They scattered but it took them closer to JR's troops. The Summoned Daemons I dropped in the center of the battle line. I moved the rhino's and vindicators up and deployed the plaguemarines. Typhus and the terminator destroyed the dreadnought, and the vindicator got some troops.One pack of daemons managed to assault JR's center tactical squad, the other squad was out of range. In JR's turn he killed two terminators, wounded Typhus and killed several plague marines.Turn 3, things started getting ugly. Typhus assaulted a tactical squad and wiped them out, the second pack of daemons assaulted the center tactical squad and wiped them out, a plague marine squad assaulted the predator and destroyed it. In JR's turn he killed a couple plague marines with shooting , then assaulted a plaguemarine squad with a Pedro lead Tactical squad. All his marines failed to wound and Pedro killing a couple. The plaguemarines killed several marines in return to win the combat. The squad broke and ran off the board dragging Pedro with them.Turn Four, I didn't have much left to shoot at. I shot at the Land raider Crusader with his terminator in it but didn't hurt it. In Jr's turn he deployed his assault terminators and then assaulted Typhus and his last terminator. He had 5 terminators with paired lightning claws and one with a thunder hammer and storm shield. Because of Typhus's blight grenades he only got 15 lightning claw attacks. He directed all of them on Typhus and only hit with 2. Them only wounded once, even with his re rolls. That was when JR decided the game was over. For forms sake, I rolled Typhus's invulnerable save and saved the wound. We called the game then. JR's dice deserted him most of the game but he chalked it up to payback for the game he played against John Bays. It that game John's dice deserted him and JR reaped the benefits.
I now control the northern approaches to the Palace. I haven't decide my next move but I have been studying the campaign map.
I received the four rogue trader chaos terminators I won on eBay. They had a bunch of glue and some paint on them so I put them in the simple green to soak and help clean them up.

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