Sunday, November 30, 2008

Annihilation Force Assembled

I have them all finally rebased. It is Typhus and 50 Chaos terminators. Now the question will be if I can get them painted by Matt P's Apocalypse game in January.

I didn't have arms for the five third edition terminators I traded for but through eBay I won an auction for a bunch of the new plastic chaos terminator weapon arms. The plastic arms are bulkier than the metal arms but close enough for me. I didn't have any of the plastic shoulder pads to go with the arms so I decided to have a go at a Heresy Era shoulder pad conversion for the squad. I had seen a tutorial for making the shoulder pads out of card in a Firebase Ezine but it was for the new plastic terminators. After some hit and miss attempts I decided to try something else. I hit the Horus Heresy art books for some inspiration and then searched the Internet for other peoples conversions. I saw a conversion that used plasticard and ork shoulder pads that looked good. Off to the ork bit boxes to get enough shoulder pads and them to my plasticard stash. I didn't find any card just right for the conversion. It all seemed to be either too thick or too thin. I started searching through my bits boxes for something else to use and found some old high elf shields. I eyeballed them and thought they might work. I had already trimmed down the top of the plastic arms level with the bottom of where the trophy racks go so I cut a shield about 14 mm long and glued it on. It didn't look too bad ,so I trimmed the underside of the ork shoulder pad and glued it on. It looked pretty good. I finished up the rest of the squad. I ran out of shields about halfway through and had to raid a couple of old silver helm blisters to get enough to finish the squad but I think they turned out okay. I plan to do a little green stuff work on them and I think they will look neat once I get them painted up.

The last is a Nurgle chaos lord conversion I got from Bryan V at the GameOnGW gamesday. The model originally had a bolt pistol but I repositioned the hand and added a kitbashed BolterPlasma combiweapon I had taken off of another model years ago. I did a little green stuff work filling some gaps and added a green stuff skull pistol butt in his empty holster. The main reason for the change is I plan to play him using a daemon weapon, so since he won't get the extra attack for the bolt pistol I decided to swap it for the Bolter Plasma to add some versatility.

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