Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Computer Crash/40k league

My old computer crashed last week and put a dent in my Internet addiction. It lasted over 8 years with only few hiccups, so I can't really complain. We have moved up to a new box and it seems to be working well.

I have joined up in the local 40k league. We are using the Vogen map and have 10 players. I am fielding my Nurgle/Plague marine chaos marines. we meet up at Scott Tolbert's place for the start and I didn't end up having a battle. I still played a game against Aaron a tyranid player and actually on my side in the league. I fielded a 3 vindicator plaguemarine army lead by Typhus, with 3 summoned daemon squads and a possessed squad. Aaron had a hive tyrant, a zoanthrope, two carnifexes, two broods of warriors, a couple broods of genestealers and a gaunt brood. We played using the city fight rules. The game looked real bleak for a while but there is nothing like a couple 10 man squads of plaguemarines lead by a champ with a power fist hunkered down in cover waiting for the bugs to charge. I ended up winning by kill points but I think we both had a good time.
I have a battle pending against JR's Crimson Fists and hopefully I will get it in by the weekend. We are fighting over the west palace grounds. If I can win the game It will put a buffer between the good guys and the palace.

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