Saturday, January 31, 2009

Morrisville battle Summary

My battle was mostly fought on the floor but I changed the outcome of the game by deep striking terminators on the table. The objectives were done a little differently than in other Apocalypse games I have played in. At the end of each turn who controlled what objective was tallied up and the winner was determined by which side held the most objectives over the course of the game. I have heard many people complain that the winner of an apocalypse battle is usually the side to go last because they get to make the last play for the objectives. By tallying up objectives each turn I believe it keeps the game more engaging, because if you set back and wait to snatch the objectives on the last turn you will lose the game. It makes seizing and holding the objectives over the course of the game more important than ever.
I believe my forces did exceptionally well. The plaguetowers and plaguemarines held the walls and took a lot of punishment that could have been placed on more important target. The vindicators held the gates and contributed to the fight. The Doombringer force landed on the objective with no mishaps and the ones that scattered ended up in better positions than where I had intended them to go. the independant Terminator squads managed to knock the gun off of one warhound and best of all despoil an objective in the the imperial rear on turn 3. This cost the imperials two objectives one for turn 3 and once for turn 4. Last was Mortarion. He weighted in at 650 points but dropped a 1500pt Reaver titan and claimed Fulgrims objective. The final score was 10 to 12 with Chaos winning the game by 2 objectives.
Matt's painted standard to be able to field a model in the game motivated me to get some paint on the plague towers and basecoat all those terminators.

It was a hell of a game and I look forward to the next one.

End Game

the End game begins

Doombringer nurgle terminator force land on imperial objective
Tzentch doombringer force land on table objective
another reaver goes down
nurgle terminator despoil objective in imperial rear

battle overview
templars hold the fortress
Templars Seize the defense laser
Silver Skull deploy from thunderhawk to assualt tzentch terminators
Nurgle terminator shoot off of imperial objective
mortarion Avenges Fulgrim and drops the third reaver. The left Mortarion in control of the objective left were Fulgrim was killed
the Nurgle terminator wipe out the last defender near the objective and seize it for the chaos side.

Final Positions at the end of game.

Mid Battle

the Battle rages
the pleasure Lord Attacked by Deepstriking terminators
chaos Warhound Destroyed

Chaos Reaver Defending Fortress attacked by deepstriking terminators
Phantoms at the walls

the Thunderhawk makes another bombing run
Warhounds Stalk the ruins

Plague Tower Destroyed

Plague Marines Assaulted
Mortarion joins Fulgrim Near A doomed Reaver titan
plaguemarines hold the wall

nurgle terminators light up a Seer Council
more nurgle terminators arrive

typhus hunts a warlock titan

More plaguebearers arrive to feed the meat grinder
Nurgle terminator deepstrike near objective in imperial rear area
Imperials deep strike inside the fortress

Imperial terminators deep strike inside the walls
plague marines barely hold the breach
Plaguebearers arrive and charge the imperial terminators

the Early Battle

The imperials took first turn and concentrated their fire on the reaver titan on the top table.
the Reaver Before
The Reaver After its Apocalyptic explosion. It wiped out a good chunk of chaos forces and even damaged a nearby Baneblade.
Nurgle raptors doomed by the Eldar and targeted by a thunderhawk bombing run.
The Thunderhawk after finishing it bombing run
The Imperial Advance on the table
the First wall breach
the second walll breached and a vindicator destroyed leaving a crater
the baneblade damaged by the reavers Explosion destroyed by Imperial fire

Fulgrim and 2 greater Daemons charge a Reaver titan
A plaguetower plugs the gap

The Battle Begins

The center piece of the table was a fortress defended by giant mutants and an orbital defense laser.
Fortress Defenders
Defense Laser
Floor Start Positions . I started my plague towers loaded with plaguemarines on the floor.
Behind the wall Start position . I placed my linebreaker squadron of vindicators behind the main gate and the predator and landraider further back to get line of sight to the imperial titans approaching the walls.
Chaos monstrosity
Imperial floor start
Chaos table Start
Imperial table start

Imperial take the first turn.