Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Big game in Morrisville

I played in the big Apocalypse game in Morrisville last weekend. The game is arranged by Matt P and bring gamers from all over the triad area for big games twice a year. This game was an Imperial, Eldar and Tau assualt on a Chaos held Fortress. I have been spending all my spare time getting my terminators and Plague Towers to the 3 color paint standard. Everything on the table hand to be at least 3 colors.My force included the 3 plague towers, 50 chaos terminators, a chaos lord in terminator armor, a chaos land raider, a chaos predator, 4 vindicators in a linebreaker squadron, 2 nurgle chaos lords, Typhus, 2 19 man plaguemarine squads, 1 18 man plaguemarine squad, 6 fiveman plaguemarine squads, 3 14 man plagubearer squads and I borrowed MattP's Mortarion primarch model. It came in at around 10,800 points.

Here is the assembled force and here is a picture of Mortarion below.

I have a bunch of pictures and will post more up later.

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